This Christmas, why not give something that was actually handmade instead of mass produced in a factory (yes, I know some things are actually hand assembled in factories, but that is not what we are talking about).

This year, we suggest you try to make your gifts have meaning and a lasting impact! So here are 10 reasons to buy handmade this Christmas!

  1. You are helping by supporting a new economic model – this is one that removes the mass produced products and one that focuses on quality over quantity.
  2. If you remove postage costs (and even better if you buy locally) you are contributing to a decrease in fossil fuels. Purchasing goods that are mass produced usually have been shipped across our oceans several times before it even becomes a final product.
  3. You are saying “No More” to sweatshops and poor labour practices.
  4. Today, craftspeople are using more and more recycled materials.  Reusing what we have already is a huge step in helping our planet.
  5. Support an artisan! Being a part of the arts and creative community is hugely rewarding so why not help them out!
  6. Supporting local communities, by buying your crafts locally. Help bring back a spirit and soul to your community by buying locally. It cuts down on emissions as well!
  7. Supporting craftspeople is a conscious decision. This is something we should be more open to – we should know what we are buying, what it is made from, where those parts are made and where our money goes. You are contributing to a much bigger picture by spending locally made goods.
  8. Handmade usually means it is quality. Someone has spent time and effort to create the product and you are able to own a small piece of that!
  9. Open your eyes to a different aesthetic.  You can develop a new love for crafts if you are willing to explore the different styles available to you. Not everything will look like it is from a catalog – and that is exactly why it is brilliant!
  10. Buying handmade gives you an opportunity to form a relationship with the artisan. This gives products and gifts more meaning and allows a better understanding for what you have. If you truly love what you own, you won’t need to own too much!
  11. You can be sure no one else will be giving the same gift as you!


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An interactive game designed to illustrate the impact of our lifestyles on the Earth.

To buy Handmade this Christmas

Buy Handmade Video from Etsy on Vimeo.

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