Times are tough and many of us are feeling an increased pressure to save money on our consistently rising energy bills. Here are 12 easy ways to reduce your energy costs and to keep more of that hard earned cash in your wallets.

  1. Monitor the thermostat on your air conditioning, or turn it off completely. Use ceiling fans and portables to circulate the airflow.
  2. Turn down the heat, especially at night. Dress more warmly and use extra blankets with your bedding.
  3. Close doors and vents to rooms that are not often utilized to reduce heating and air conditioning costs.
  4. Implement programmable thermostats. Have them turn on 30 minutes before you wake up and before you come home from work. Program them to turn off right before bed and as you are leaving for the workplace.
  5. Use cold water and the appropriate detergents for washing laundry.
  6. If at all possible, reduce your dependence on electric dryers for you laundry. Air-dry your clothes on a rack or clothesline.
  7. Keep the air filters of your household appliances clean, such as refrigerators and heat and cooling systems, to increase their smooth running and energy efficiency.
  8. Keep refrigerators and freezers stocked to maximize the temperature levels, but do not overstock. This reduces the ability of the cool air to flow evenly through the unit.
  9. Allow the dishes in your dishwasher to air-dry by turning off the heating unit. Select the “energy saver” option if you have one. And consider hand washing smaller loads of dishes instead of running multiple partial loads.
  10. Pay a little extra for energy saving light bulbs of lower wattages. The smaller cost will significantly outweigh the overages in energy costs of the standard bulb choices.
  11. Use a power strip for your smaller appliances that are not used that often. Turn on the power strip only when you want to use them. DVD’s, microwaves, and any appliance with a clock tends to draw enormous amounts of energy when not in use.
  12. Turn off the television and the lights when you leave the room. It may sound simple, but this is often forgotten or overlooked.

By following these simple tips and guidelines, soon you will be seeing a noticeable decrease in your monthly energy bills. You will not only be saving money, but will be doing your small part to reduce the greenhouse effects caused by the pollutants of increased energy usages around the globe.

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