Amy Leigh has some great ideas for using house plants for natural air purifiers!

Check our her full list of 15 house plants you can use.

The ones I am loving that would look great in my office are:

Boston Fern

The Boston fern was the most effective plant at removing Formaldehyde and removed significantly more per hour than the rest of plants examined.

Studies have also shown that the Boston fern will also eliminate heavy metals, such as mercury and arsenic from the soil.

Ficus Alii

This ficus alii (also known as the Ficus macleilandii) isn’t as strong in it’s pollutant-removing effectiveness as, say, a rubber plant, however it remains an excellent addition to any kind of office or home wherever clear air is missing. Although they aren’t terribly difficult to look after, alerts to us that hand protection ought to be used whilst dealing with the house plant for those who have latex allergic reactions.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera was proven to be a lot more effective at the elimination of formaldehyde at lesser concentrations when compared with Philodendrons. Aloe vera is likewise famous as being a healing plant acknowledged for it’s therapeutic qualities, giving it the majority of its nicknames.

The Aloe house plant was also used in the initial photography used for the Andrea plant air purifier – probably due to the plants purification properties.

I love a home or office that is filled with plants. Previously in other jobs I have had we have been able to have little pots of moss on our desks!  Also have flowering plants are a great way to brighten a room.

What do you have in your office or home?

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