With the combination of sunshine and some rain over spring, It’s likely your lawn and garden has been in growth mode lately, and probably needing plenty of attention!

summer lawn

As 2013 begins you may be thinking about setting aside time to tackle those jobs around the house you have been putting off for a while. With the hotter weather approaching, we also need to think about how to make sure the garden continues to thrive.

In order to help you along, we have compiled 6 simple steps to keep your lawn & garden looking lush and green.

  1. Aerate your lawn with a purpose made lawn aerator or pitch fork to assist with the absorption of water during periods where your soil hardens.
  2. Allowing growth of a lush green lawn also assists in a reduction in the temperature of the soil below which will continue to promote healthy lawn and root growth. Avoid cutting your lawn shorter than 30mm especially during hot weather as this will reduce water absorption.
  3. Limit the amount you cut off your grass to ¼ of its height. Taking off any more than this in one mow will result in your lawn being scalped and severe damage will result in unsightly dead patches.
  4. Water your lawns regularly in the early mornings and later afternoons. Watering your lawn whilst it is exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods will prevent much of the water from being absorbed in to the soil and may result in a burnt lawn.
  5. The middle of a warm day when no rain is forecast is the perfect time to spray those pesky garden weeds with herbicide.
    Just like many other plants, herbaceous weeds attempt to absorb as much water as they can during prolonged periods of heat and in turn will respond desirably to a spray of herbicide during these periods.
  1. Mulch, mulch and more mulch!
    The impact of the harsh Australian summer on plants and soil can be reduced by as much as 40 per cent with a layer of premium sugar cane mulch.
    This reduction in temperature can mean the difference between survival and death for many plants during the summer season. The same rings true for your lawn.
    If possible, utilise a mower with mulching functionality such as any of the lawn mowers in the AL-KO range.
    During Mulching-mowing, the cut blades of grass are flung upwards within the mower deck, finely chopped by the dual purpose blade then blown back in to your turf as a natural fertiliser – This returns natural nutrients back in to your lawn and protects it against drying out.



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