Are you an environmentally conscious traveler looking for relaxing spot for your next holiday? If so, you have made an excellent, eco-friendly choice. Australia is recognized around the globe for exceptional eco-tourism and there is no shortage of excellent eco-lodges to choose from. Finding accommodations for your stay is very easy, since Australia offers an amazing variety of eco-lodges that are designed to reduce the impact on the environment while providing a first class experience for guests.

Capella Lodge

Image Source: Capella Lodge

Capella Lodge is located in New South Wales on Lord Howe Island. It is a World Heritage listed hotel comprised of nine awe-inspiring ocean view suites. Guests also enjoy gazing at the Gower and Lidgbird mountain peaks; which add even more enjoyment of the natural environment of the hotel. Capella Lodge bears the distinction of having first class service and superlative island cuisine.

This eco lodge pulls out all the stops in its effort to conserve energy and protect the environment. Included among the long list of green lodging is the lodge’s use of alternative energy sources and consistent water conservation practices. Waste food from meals prepared with local food sources is composted daily. The lodge is well known for its staff that is exceptionally well trained in environmentally friendly practices.

Eternity Springs Farm

This bed and breakfast in the idyllic Channon in NSW incorporates eco friendly lodging with care for the body, mind and spirit. The inn is equipped with solar panels for energy use and diligently utilizes heat and water conservation practices. Rooms include composting flushable toilets and eco friendly lighting. The surrounding grounds include a vegetable garden, worm farm and an orchard that offers more than 20 subtropical seasonal fruits.

Guests receive the ultimate relaxation package with a secluded waterfall view and labyrinth. Meditation and yoga is offered to help guests to relax in the veranda hammock. Eternity Springs Farm also has a comprehensive art studio on the premises for guests to enjoy.

The Canopy Treehouses

Image Source: The Canopy Treehouses

The Canopy Treehouses is a luxury resort located in Queensland along the Ithaca River. Lodging at this location is the epitome of “green”; as the five treehouses constructed of timber and glass are situated high above the rainforest canopy with a bird’s eye view of the lush greenery. The 100 acres of land is a protected ecosystem filled with rare wildlife and unusual mesophyll vine.

The resort uses biodegradable cleaning agents and the spa rooms are furnished with renewable natural furniture among its many conservation efforts.  Guests enjoy complete privacy in a choice of 7 spa included treehouses with king beds, wood fireplace and many other environmental friendly amenities.

Alto Hotel

The eco friendly Alto Hotel is located in the center of the city of Melbourne. Lodging includes hotel rooms as well as three bedroom apartments. The hotel was awarded with EarthCheck Silver Certification for its commitment to operating at the top environmental standard in the world. In addition, the hotel consistently receives a variety of sustainability awards.

The exhaustive list of environmental initiatives includes 100 percent renewable source electricity with 95 percent use of energy efficient lighting. Rooms are equipped with key tags that save energy by automatically turning off the lights when guests leave the rooms. Use of rain water for toilets, cleaning and gardening, locally grown food as well as paper and timber recycling are among the many other efforts the Alto Hotel makes to protect the environment while offering quality lodging.

Boroka Downs

Image Source: Boroka Downs

Boroka Downs is an exclusive five star hotel located in Hills Gap. The eco lodge is situated on 306 secluded acres near the Grampians National Park. While offering luxury and tranquility to its guests, the hotel also holds the distinction of being a Land for Wildlife as well as Wildlife Victoria member.

Conservation and the protection of the environment is seen in the fully insulated, double glazed windows throughout the hotel. Water is heated by solar energy, use of grey water and feeding food scraps to chickens are other hotel initiatives. Boroka Downs participates in the perpetual Trust for Nature covenant to guarantee protection of the wildlife habitat in the area.

Aquila Eco Lodges

Aquila Eco Lodges are located in Dunkeld, Victoria in a private bushland setting. The property of the four star self contained lodges is Trust for Nature covenanted. Its location affords guests spectacular natural surroundings filled with rare orchards and unique wild life in a serene, natural environment. Among its goals is to maintain an environmentally sustainable lodge and demonstrate the compatibility of green strategies in a commercial setting.

Rooms are designed with solar panels and repurposed building materials. The lodges offer locals employment which includes green practices instruction. Other initiatives include recycling, composting and oil and gas carbon emission reduction. Solar panels, ceiling fans, rainwater tanks and showers are include among the in all rooms. Low voltage lighting sources, grey water system, recycling and organic toiletries are also among the eco friendly efforts that are too numerous to list in their entirety. Guests are also provided with information on the care and conservation of wildlife in the area.

Kristy Alexander writes for HotelClub Australia where you can find great prices on a range of different eco-friendly hotels around the country.

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