We have some great 8 Low tech ways to solve household problems!

Problem: No fridge, no power

Solution: Coolgardie Safe

Where there was no electricity and ice was not available, bushmen would rig up what came to be known as a Coolgardie safe in which they stored butter, meat etc..  It was a hanging, flyproof cage covered with thick layers of wet sacking (hessian, burlap). It was generally hung in the shade of a verandah or under a tree that always stayed shady.  Even though it wasn’t anywhere near having a fridge, it kept freshly killed meat or lightly salted meat ‘fresh’ for some time. You can read about it at:


Problem: messy floor or even paths or dirt floor!

Solution: Broom

Yes, the vacuum cleaner was a turning point in disease control but the simple broom, even a bunch of slender, only-just-flexible twigs tied together, has served housewives well for many centuries across all continents.

Problem: messy concrete paths and lawns

Solution: Rake

Dump the leaf-blower with its noise and gassy emissions.  Get a rake and you will lose weight while you pick up the leaves.

Problem: Pest control

Solution: Brute force

A fly swat or the good ol’ Aussie thong is way more effective than a massive blast of chemicals.

Problem: Weeds

Solution: Hoe

The simple hoe will gently dig the tiny weed seedlings into the soil to provide aeration and compost. There’s way too much Roundup in this world!

Problem: Grease and grime

Solution: Elbow grease

According to my old Grandad, this ancient substance replaces all kinds of things including power tools! Hand sanded woodwork has a far nicer finish and patina than that ripped to bits by an electric sander.  Hand polished floors glow with their beeswax coats. And so on!

Problem: thirst

Solution: Water

Drink this instead of Coke, Vitamin Water, Nutrient Water or Pepsi for an end to obesity, diabetes and caffeine addiction problems. From the tap if you can – not from a plastic bottle but a refillable vessel!

Problem: Boredom

Solution: Piano or Guitar or other acoustic instrument!

Hours of fun for the whole family and takes no energy except brain and finger power. But buy one that does not contain ivory keys or endangered timber UNLESS you are buying a really old one.

I am sure you can think of dozens more ideas! Send them in and we will add to the list.

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