I am the proud companion to 2 very cute and loved Burmese cats – I say companion since they really are the masters of the domain! I love them but am always very mindful of the impact of the environment around them.


I also love to indulge them with new things (mainly upcycled!) and to keep them occupied and safe in our home.

So here are my 8 ways to green your kitty and to reduce their carbon paw print!

  1. Buy a recycled tag for their collarsI Ruv You pet tags are lovingly made in Australia by a human jewellery designer so your pampered pooch or pussy cat is getting the latest in fashion trends to hang on their collar. Each tag is made from 30% recycled pewter, looks prettier and should last a lot longer than most types of metal pet tags.
  2. Make sure you keep your kitty indoors at night time – this is the best way to protect them and the flora and fauna around your home! Cats are well known to kill small birds and mammals and no one likes to wake up to a dead bird on the doormat regardless of how proud your cat may be! If you are unable to confine your feline master indoors, then your next best option is outdoor cat enclosures which can be assembled quite cheaply, or there are many models available for purchase.
  3. Currently my cats are sleeping in a half destroyed cardboard box filled with lambswool offcuts and old t-shirts and a cushion that was once ours but they decided they liked it more. One way you can actually give them something nice to sleep in while upcycling your old travel gear are these gorgeous suitcase pet beds!
  4. Choose a green version of their kitty litter. There are many types of kitty litter on the market nowadays but it is always best to choose the greenest version considering you can end up using a lot of the stuff dependent on how many cats you have in your home.  Wonder Wheat Cat litter is available and it is said to Totally Eliminates Odour, Safe Clumping, 100% Biodegradable Organic Wheat Grain, Flushable, and be Super Economical. I have yet to try this but I will definitely give it a go! If you have the time you can also make your own kitty litter with this method found here on Life Hacker. This method appears to be VERY cost effective. You could even consider using “Litter Kwitter“. This is a toilet training device that eradicates the need for a litter tray by training a cat to use the household toilet.
  5. Consider the food your cats are eating. There are a range of certified organic foods out there on the market now that are very worth the money. Pet deli.com.au are a home delivery service (in Sydney, but they do delivery Australia wide) of good quality and organic pet foods. They also supply food for ferrets!
  6. Green the toys they play with. This is an easy one! Instead of buying little toys from the pet store that are generally overpriced and often your kitties just don’t like them, give them recycled toys! I find a used piece of paper or a scrap of envelope scrunched up in a ball is the best toy for them. They LOVE it. I will find paper balls throughout the house for days. This also works well for scrunched up balls of tinfoil (make sure it is big enough not to be swallowed!!). An empty cardboard box is a winner as well, or a brown paper bag. They will sit in any open drawer or box for hours and find it entertaining! You can also easily make up little toys such as string on a ruler with some paper tied to the end. very easy little fishing game right there and usually you will have all the things you need to make this at your desk!
  7. Neutering your pet is a very environmentally friendly choice. Making sure your cat doesn’t accidentally breed and have kittens that you are not prepared for is, I think, a part of being a responsible pet owner. You may choose not to neuter your pets if you are planning on breeding you cats for show or sale but please be kind to your breeding pets!!!! Over breeding an animal is cruel!.
  8. Finally a great way to be green with your pets is to simply stay home and play with them! Be kind to them, love them and enjoy your furry family members!
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