Mother’s Day will be here in no time (8th May) and it’s only right and proper that you should show your Mum just how much you love and appreciate all that she does and has done for you. You might even want to give her a treat on this special day, so to help you do just that I thought I’d share with you some green ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts.

If your Mum is the type of person who hates to see things wasted then she’d really appreciate a gift made out of recycled materials. This could be something you’ve made yourself or something created by a talented individual who is able to see beyond the original purpose of an unwanted item and give it a second life. There’s more recycled goods out there than you might think including artwork, sculptures, bags, ornaments and jewellery to name but a few.

Dots Recycled Leather Necklace

Dots Recycled Leather Necklace

For Mum’s that love to garden and nurture the living world around us then she would probably be thrilled to receive something that is made from a sustainable resource or organic crop. Gifts that you could look for include products made from seed heads or cones that have been harvested after they have shed their seeds. These can be used to produce original artwork or carved into ornaments and other decorative tablewares. Organic crops include cotton and bamboo, and of course food stuffs.

Why not create your own organic hamper to take Mum on a picnic with and enjoy quality time together in a botanic garden, national park or at the beach. Boost your picnic’s green credentials even further by sourcing as much of the organic produce as you can from local farms (or better still your own veggie patch).

In such a busy world where we are all looking for more time, sharing and socialising with your Mum will be truly appreciated. Or if you really wanted to splash out you could arrange a short break away for the two of you at an eco retreat where you both could connect with nature and with each other.

Mother’s Day falls within Fair Trade Fortnight this year, a two week campaign that aims to raise awareness about fair trade and Fairtrade CertifiedTM products. So if your Mum is vocal about wishing the world were a fairer place for all, then a fair trade gift would be a perfect choice. The Fairtrade label applies mainly to crop items such as cotton, fruits, coffee, tea etc. Because of this you will not generally find handicrafts carrying the Fairtrade label, rather it is the producers of such products that are associated with fair trade groups such as the World Fair Trade Organization. There are so many beautiful fairly traded handicrafts created by talented artisans from developing countries and Fairtrade Certified clothing and foodstuffs that you should have no trouble in finding something to suit.

Liberate Your Latté T-shirt

If simple, natural products that are produced in harmony with their surrounding environment appeal to your Mum, then there are a wide range of organic gift options too. Choose from organic clothing and linens, organic body and skin care products that incorporate organic oils and fragrant flower extracts, and organic gourmet food treats that would be ideal for Mum’s who love food and cooking.

Organic One Blanc De Blanc Sparkling Wine


I hope these ideas have given you food for thought and inspired you to search out a green alternative to the usual Mother’s Day selection seen in most of the high street stores. With a little thought, time and research I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect green gift for your Mum.

This article was written by Gillian Cave from Green Gifts Australia, an online store offering stylish, innovative and high quality green gifts for all ages for delivery within Australia and overseas. Our products appeal to the growing number of forward thinking consumers with a conscience who want to buy eco friendly, ethical, organic, sustainable, recycled and fair trade gifts for their family and friends.

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