Large companies have been placing an extremely high emphasis on releasing environmentally friendly garden care products and the new 38HM Comfort Push Mower from an international leader in garden care, AL-KO is no exception.
A push mower is a very simple device that relies on the rotation of its wheels to turn the mowing cylinder in-turn cutting your lawn. A push mower requires no fuel, charging or excessive maintenance and is also a great way to keep fit whilst maintaining your lawn.

AL-KO’s 38HM Comfort Push Mower has been designed around the cylinder mower you once used as a child but includes a few minor upgrades to handle the requirements of the modern day garden enthusiast.


The new 38HM features an ergonomic handlebar for greater comfort and a 5-Blade mowing cylinder made of hardened special steel which utilises the latest in contactless cutting technology.

Now also sporting a wider 38cm cutting width and a single axle design, the AL-KO cylinder mower ensures extreme manoeuvrability, effortlessly handling lawns of up to 250m2. Other added features include 4 stage cutting height adjustment, optional grass catcher and XXL rear wheels.

Light and robust, the Soft Touch 38HM Comfort is the perfect nil emissions lawn mower for the environmentally friendly garden enthusiast.

For more information on the Soft Touch Comfort Push Mower, please contact your nearest AL-KO Premium Dealer or buy online from

This sponsored post is brought to you by AL-KO International.

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