I sometimes see people doing things and I think “UGH! Why do they have to be that way? THEY are the reason this planet is falling apart!!“. Yes, I admit it… my inner voice can be a total bitch. But let’s face it. There are so many things we can change to be more sustainable. I, for one, can DEFINITELY do more to be sustainable but, like most people, I have things I just can’t seem to compromise on!

My Shameful Unsustainable Secrets

Bread: I know I can make bread at home very easily (I have tried a few times with EXCELLENT results) but I am so lazy that I continue to buy bread in the bags that are completely un-recyclable.

Meat (all forms): Yes I should be practicing a lot more meat-free days in my household but sometimes I just crave some smoked trout and I adore anchovies and pasta.

Car: My household only owns 1 car and we share it. I do use public transport to go to work but on the weekends, I love driving to visit my family. The drive can be more fun than the actual visit sometimes! My car however is not a hybrid and I would love to buy one, but cannot afford nor justify selling my car to buy a new car.

Take Away Smoothies: These are very rare nowadays, maybe restricted to once every 3 months if that. But I love smoothies with yoghurt and I only ever crave them when I am at the shops (surprise surprise). I don’t own a blender and would probably drink more at home if I had this but until then I will keep up my smoothie addiction but limit it even more!

So what can we do about this?

I feel awful having admitted it but I am human and I am still learning to be greener with each passing day. This is not an overnight change for me!

Be more aware of what you are doing. Understand the imapct of your choices and plan choices that are more sustainable. You are more likely to make different decisions when you are armed with information.

Try to cut back slowly and limit yourself. In my case, I have cut back to buying a smoothie in a Styrofoam cup once every few months. Think of it like quitting smoking or cutting back on coffee! Eventually I will stop buying them and probably spend the money on a blender instead.

So ‘fess up – what are you not compromising with?

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