It is great to see Aussie brands we know and love taking an interest in the need to be green and putting their money and research into re-creating their traditional products. Chux is one of those companies and recently they carried out a survey of Aussie households to see what they think of the need to be green in their cleaning habits.

The article below was the result! It also contains a list of their products and these are the ones that feature sustainability in their manufacture and use so I have left it on even though it may look like blatant advertising. I just think kudos where it is due!

The article follows:

Aussie mums have a clean conscience, with a recent survey proving 90% choose to purchase greener products for the house, over non-green products.

The survey revealed that whilst the carbon tax has resulted in 69% of households reassessing their purchases, sustainability is top of mind for most women buying green: 44% of respondents believe doing so will help the planet, and 53% say they feel good to ‘do their little bit’ for the environment.

Thankfully 64% of Aussies have confidence in greener products too, particularly from trusted brands, and expect their performance to be the same as, if not better than, the performance of non-green products.

“These days environmental concern is not only a topical issue, but an everyday consideration for Australian homes when choosing household products,” says long term Aussie household favourite, CHUX spokesperson, Megan Francis.

“Consumers want to be able to shop with a conscience and clean with confidence,” says Francis.

According to the CHUX Sustainable Survey* 64% of Australian women claim that cleaning is the most time consuming household task, with two in three spending between 30 minutes to two hours a day cleaning.

When it comes to how Aussies clean; one in four Aussies are ‘relaxed re-setters’. These people take day-to-day mess in their stride and re-set their home several times a day to keep their ‘homely’ house in order.

Some 33% consider themselves ‘neat freaks’ – obsessed with everything having to be in its place, and 31% prefer ‘organised chaos’.

Pet cleaning peeves for most CHUX Sustainable Survey respondents include overflowing rubbish bins and dirty dishes strewn around the house.

CHUX has now launched a new range of 100% Biodegradable Superwipes, 100% Biodegradable Absorbent Cloths, and Non-Scratch Scourer Sponges that are made from recyclable material and natural fibres.

*The Chux Sustainable Survey was conducted in August 2011 by popular women’s website and received over 1,500 respondents.

About CHUX

Since CHUX launched in 1968, its products have offered continuously long-lasting performance. This is also evident in the new range, which provides Australians with an ideal balance of recycled and biodegradable products that continue to offer cleaning performance.

Whether Australians are strongly eco-conscious when cleaning their homes, or just trying to do their little bit, sustainability is definitely on the agenda – and the shopping list.

For more information and a free sample visit

About CHUX®new range

CHUX® Biodegradable Superwipes®

Made from 100% Natural Fibres (Rayon)
It’s 100% Biodegradable which means it will decompose over time as a result of biological activity (it decomposes after 11 days in compostable conditions). This has been independently tested by the CSIRO (report # 10-0711)
Absorbs up to 10 times its own weight in liquid

Packaging is made using 50% recycled cardboard is recyclable and uses natural soy-based inks
Reusable so value for money and reduces your impact on the environment

CHUX® Superwipes® are made from special open weave cloth. The double action holes enable Superwipes® to easily pick up dirt and food particles and allow for the cloth to be hygienically rinsed for use over and over again
Superwipes® are great for washing up, cleaning kitchen appliances, and can be used around the bathroom, laundry and even on the car
RRP $3.99 (10 in a pack)

CHUX® Biodegradable Absorbent Cloth

Made from 100% natural fibres and renewable resources (66% cellulose, 34% bamboo)

It’s 100% Biodegradable which means it will decompose over time as a result of biological activity (it decomposes after 18 days in compostable conditions). This has been independently tested by the CSIRO (report # 10-0711)

Absorbs up to 12 times its own weight – its super absorbent

It’s machine washable so you can re-use, saving money and reduce your impact on the environment
Packaging is made from 50% recycled cardboard, it is recyclable and uses natural soy-based inks
The Absorbent Cloth is ideal for all types of cleaning tasks in and around the home including washing up, soaking up spills and dusting
RRP $2.99 (two in pack)

CHUX® Non-Scratch Scourer Sponges

Made from recycled and natural fibres (scourer pad is made from 100% post consumer recycled PET bottles, Sponge is 100% natural cellulose fibres)

Degradable packaging – contains D2W which breaks down the plastic

CHUX® Non Scratch Scourer Sponges are a combination of a gentle yet effective non-scratch scourer together with a foam sponge layer for easy handling. Ideal for use on non-stick cookware and more delicate household surfaces as it won’t scratch

The unique angled shape is great for reaching deep into corners and hard to clean areas. The angled shape also makes the Scourer Sponge easy and comfortable to hold, whether you’re scrubbing dirt and grime or washing the dishes
RRP $3.99 (2 in a pack)

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