December 28, 2016

Australia’s Cassowary feared to vanish!

The wonderful Cassowary population in Northern Queensland is tipped to vanish unless the government steps in to protect the birds’ habitat which spans large areas. It is estimated that as few as 1,000 Cassowaries are left and it is the threat to their habitat that is number one reason why they are disappearing!


Rainforest Information Centre director Ruth Rosenhek said the species was crucial to the survival of rainforest diversity.

”If they go, so too will many of the rainforest trees that depend on them for their survival.”

If you have ever seen one of these giants you understand that they require large corridors of rain forest to find food, protect their young and to have suitable breeding areas.

The Rainforest Information Centre has started a campaign to promote and protect the Cassowary by pressuring the Environmental Minister Peter Garrett to commit $60 million to buy back land designated for housing in the Daintree, north of Cairns, and at Mission Beach to the south.

Let Minister Garrett know Australians want to see a final solution for the rainforests of Far North Queensland and the Endangered Cassowary. Let him know today it is crucial he prioritises funding for buying back and protecting Cassowary habitat BEFORE the next federal election.

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  1. OS Australian says:

    Good luck with your pleas to Garrett. He has not batted one eyelid on another issue – dugongs and sea turtles. They too may soon be extinct. In their case it is the illegal meat trade causing mass slaughter which includes live dismemberment.

  2. OS Australian says:

    I support your efforts with the Cassowary. I did not know they were also endangered. Another Australian species about to be lost. People just don’t THINK! Let us know if your pleas are heard.

    • That video you posted was terribly alarming. I loathe seeing that and as a diver I adore seeing turtles swimming happily! I love it when they sit on the ocean floor and munch on sea grass!!

      Fingers crossed that with this election we can all vote to make real changes. I adore Australia and it’s wonderful wildlife and seeing things like this is heartbreaking.

      Thank you for making us aware of this!

  3. OS Australian says:

    Hi Rebecca, I too love seeing sea turtles and I did not even know we had dugongs until I was made aware of this campaign (thanks to radio 3AW and Derryn Hinch in Melbourne). And you’ve seen them live! Wow!
    Right now is a good time to be publicising these issue as we have an election countdown.
    The campaign I am on has not been able to get Garrett to look at it. I hope you can get him to listen to you. So far we have zero government backing. Even publicity has been hard to get (currently the turtles in the US get more publicity than our own).
    Are you on Twitter? If so I would like to retweet your cassowary comments. Perhaps you could retweet the dugong and turtle comments from myself and Colin?
    I am Sea_Turtle_Girl and Colin is dugongman on Twitter.
    Very happy to support you via my twitter community.

    • My Green Australia absolutely has a twitter feed – follow us for more information and we will keep up the awareness of these issues! The only way we can get the support of our politicians is to make sure the wonderful people of Australia are even aware of what our country has to offer!

      While on a holiday in Cardwell, Queensland, we were standing on the pier and saw a Dugong just going eating some seagrass and meandering around! It was spectacular! Really felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity! We didn’t get any pictures but just knowing they are there was really exciting!