The wonderful Cassowary population in Northern Queensland is tipped to vanish unless the government steps in to protect the birds’ habitat which spans large areas. It is estimated that as few as 1,000 Cassowaries are left and it is the threat to their habitat that is number one reason why they are disappearing!


Rainforest Information Centre director Ruth Rosenhek said the species was crucial to the survival of rainforest diversity.

”If they go, so too will many of the rainforest trees that depend on them for their survival.”

If you have ever seen one of these giants you understand that they require large corridors of rain forest to find food, protect their young and to have suitable breeding areas.

The Rainforest Information Centre has started a campaign to promote and protect the Cassowary by pressuring the Environmental Minister Peter Garrett to commit $60 million to buy back land designated for housing in the Daintree, north of Cairns, and at Mission Beach to the south.

Let Minister Garrett know Australians want to see a final solution for the rainforests of Far North Queensland and the Endangered Cassowary. Let him know today it is crucial he prioritises funding for buying back and protecting Cassowary habitat BEFORE the next federal election.

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