March 2, 2015

5 Water Saving Tips


Energy usage through water heating can account for up to 25% of all home power usage. Therefore it’s a great idea to see where savings can be made, not only to reduce usage of natural resources, but also to save dollars when the quarterly bill hits the mailbox.

Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Award Winners!


And the winners are…

Sustainably Living in Your Home


“Green” isn’t a state of mind—it’s a way of life. Living in a more sustainable manner is the key to preserving our planet. And this should begin at home. Below, we give you tips on how you can promote sustainability in your own home.

Go Green For Your Business Marketing


Going green is in and communities around the world are changing their habits to live in a more sustainable way. The impending and real threat of global warming has encouraged millions to reduce their carbon footprint and change their daily unsustainable habits for the greater good of the planet.

It’s time to give fleece a chance!

Merino Lambs

Australia and New Zealand are the top wool producers worldwide and really it is time to embrace wool and its amazing qualities as a fabric.

Three Tips to Help You Build a More Sustainable Business


Building a more sustainable business is a win-win for both your company and the environment. Aside from potentially allowing you to cut down on expenses, you’ll be doing our planet a huge favour by going down this route.

Premier’s Sustainability Awards 2014 – People’s Choice Opens Today


The People’s Choice is an opportunity for everyone to participate in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards, Victoria’s most prestigious sustainability awards program, and learn more about the businesses, organisations and community groups leading the way with their environmental initiatives.

Urban residents are rising to the challenge

Honey Bee

If agricultural crops in Australia were failing, and farmers were forced choose just one crop species to focus their time and money on, which crop would you pick? Grapes for wine? Avocados? Watermelon?

Native Box Review


I have the fantastic opportunity to try out the Native Box subscription service so I thought I would give everyone a review of the box and products!

A new way to give nature a hand?


Australia has a great parks and reserve system –about 13% of the continent is protected. But these parks and reserves don’t exist in isolation.