December 30, 2016

A new way to give nature a hand?

Australia has a great parks and reserve system –about 13% of the continent is protected. But these parks and reserves don’t exist in isolation.

How to Make Your Own Kitty Litter

I have two Burmese cats that both torment and enrich my life in more ways than I can count. 

Wasting Food and What to Do

There are numerous reasons that it’s bad to waste food.  A recent study by the founder of CleanMetrics, Kumar Venkat, has found that on average Americans waste enough food to account for one and a half percent of total carbon emissions. 

Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful is a feature length exploring the tiny house movement. It’s a collaboration Australian filmmaker Jeremy Beasley and Oregon native Kelly Nardo.

Documentaries about Veganism

The choice to begin a vegan lifestyle can be incredibly overwhelming. As with any undertaking, it’s better to be able to make an informed decision. There are several documentaries that can help gain the information needed to make this transition successfully.

Life is on the line, clothes line that is!

Since their invention in the 1900s tumble driers have become the energy-guzzling bad boys of the home. We now favour ease and convenience over the natural drying ability of the elements – all at the expense of our planet, but there’s no excuse for using one if the weather is fair and you have outside […]

Product Review – Fuji EnviroMax Batteries

We don’t do many product reviews here at My Green Australia, but we were lucky enough to be sent a few batteries for testing (and obviously promotion) from the team at Fuji.

Create Your Own Homemade Counter Spray

Buying cleaning supplies at the store can be expensive. They are filled with chemicals that can be detrimental to your health and to the environment.

A Fight Worth Having

Those lucky enough to have visited the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef will agree that it is a memorable experience. The clear water, colourful corals, fish, sharks, turtles and dolphins are all examples of why this wondrous place has been listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and is touted […]

How To: Homemade Baby Wipes and Baby Cleaning Solution

Raising a green baby can seem like a tall order at times but with this simple solution, we can help keep your baby in the green zone. Frugal parents will love this as well. It is also going to save you money! Yes, real money, not just a few cents here and there!