December 30, 2016

Green TV – a rare commodity but worth watching.

It seems that Green TV shows are not popular.  Try pitching them to networks and you will soon see that the care-salesmen / accountants in charge just don’t want to know. They are believed to be earnest and boring!  But a few have sneaked under the radar.

Permanent staples – don’t bin that food!

Is it your habit to chuck food in the bin as soon as it reaches its labeled ‘use-by’ or ‘best before’ date?

Dr. Susan Wijffels – CSIRO Hobart , climate change a current issue.

Forgive the pun but there is scary evidence, as gathered by the CSIRO in Hobart, that explains that our long term extreme weather future is not looking good. 

Solar in the media

One of the most intriguing displays at Las Vegas this year at the N.A.B. (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention was the large solar and alternative power walk.

Chewing Gum – time to recycle it.

I have often thought about the ways it would be possible to scrape off all that chewing gum from pavements  throughout the world (excepting Singapore which banned it) and recycle it somehow. When I have insomnia I try to solve world problems like that!

Fireplaces and Open Fires

So you have an open fireplace – you can burn whatever you like, right? Wrong!

Recycling 101: What happens to your pile of recyclable plastic bottles?

While it is better to try to cut down what we use (particularly those dreadful plastic bottles) and not add to the piles of garbage, it is heartening to know that there are a few processes to make something wanted out of our plastic bottles.

The Power of Planting Shade Trees

We are in for another very hot summer in Melbourne at least (if the rain stops!) and it is time to make sure that your house is protected from the heat and glare. Even on the hottest days I find air-conditioning annoying and noisy and I also feel some resentment for the massive addition to […]

33 Short Films on Cleaning Mould

Well, OK, let’s see if there are 33, but there aren’t films, just thoughts and ideas. But I couldn’t resist the pun and apologise to Glenn Gould and the fine people who made that wonderful documentary about a great Canadian pianist.

The Simply Amazing Coconut

Think about the uses of a coconut and you will regard this tree, that grows like a weed in the tropics, with awe.