December 29, 2016

Avoiding plastic bags – a quick tip

I had a problem.  All my reusable small bags to refill at markets or supermarkets with fruit and veges were heavy and at the checkout, the girls would get frustrated as they couldn’t see the contents.  So I cut up an old, raggy mosquito net and made some tulle bags.  Perfect.  I have made them in several sizes and they barely cost a thing.  You can tart them up like the illustration or just leave them plain (mine are plain) with a doubled over ribbon attached at the seam to tie it closed.  You an use organza or anything you can see through as long as it is lightweight so that you are not losing out when the objects are weighed.  Also, make them strong enough for regular washing.

Tulle Carry Bags

All you do is fold the fabric and make the fold the bottom of the bag, cutting sizes to match your supermarket produce needs.  As you sew the seams, put a piece of ribbon (doubled over) facing inwards with the ‘v’ falling into the seam you are sewing.  Hem the top with a stitch to avoid fraying.  If you press them and starch them they will be more durable.

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