Plastic bags, other than plastic bottles, are in my top most hated things list! Especially the super thin, totally useless ones – you know the ones, you pick them up and they basically rip on contact.

Many states across Australia have put in place plastic bag bans and other states have a fee to use plastic bags.

These measures are all well and good but it comes down to individuals to remember to bring their own bag! Whether it is a ubiquitous green shopping bag, an old canvas bag or even bring you unused plastic bags.

I am always surprised when I see a shopper buying a lot of different packaged foods (such as mini chip packets in a bigger chip bag) and they just have totally forgotten their bags. I am sure they have them in the car, and I am positive they would have some at home hanging around a cupboard or abandoned area under the sink – but why didn’t they bring them? The food they have purchased is doubled, even triple packed yet they didn’t have any foresight to bring a plastic bag to even remotely help negate the packaging on their groceries. Or I see people buying 4 things (most markets it is a minimum of 3 purchases before you can have a bag) and then taking a bag when it is obvious they could have just carried them in their arms. Is it just me?! Doesn’t even get annoyed by this?!

Times are changing and we need to be more conscious of our choices, and I think to simply forget your bags, which are normally big, green and stand out, is a lazy. We are better than this, people!

Time to pick up the game!!

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Truth About Plastic
Source:Reusable Bags

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