Kerosene, according to the fact sheet provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), can effect the lungs, brain, skin, eyes, and cause other behavioural issues – burns from the fuel is a dangerous side effect also.  For students in the third world however, kerosene fuels their study time.  Providing a flickering, acrid light to do their sums by.  So what’s the solution?As it turns out Barefoot Power had an idea and they’ve already put it into practice.

Their idea?

Design usable and reliable lighting and mass produce it so they can price it at a level that is competitive with kerosene.

Where the whole scheme gets clever and empowering for the local communities is that, through non-profit organisations, governments and local entrepreneurs, the Barefoot Power products are sold locally.

This has value beyond safe lighting. It also provides potential income sources for those selling the devices along with micro-businesses, like mobile phone charging services, that can generate an income from using the product. 20 cents per charge anyone?

So in a nutshell, Barefoot Power has designed lighting and charging systems at a reasonable price-point to enable third world communities to cut their reliance on a polluting and dangerous fuel.
Take a peak at their spot on the New Inventors.

Green. Clean. Socially keen.

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