It’s never too early to start making your children excited about the possibilities of changing to a greener life.  In fact, all over the world, they seem to be better at it than adults.  You don’t see many kids tossing garbage and even here in the no-man’s land of garbage sorting, Jarretaderas, it is the adults who are the problem.  So what are the techniques of getting the green message across?

Explain ‘waste not want not’.  Don’t talk in vague terms about some starving kid in Africa and this is why you need to eat your veges.  Show them some of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s fabulous aerial shots of the world especially those pertaining to erosion of forests, garbage and global warming.

Yes, it may give them nightmares, but they will never forget.  Follow up with ‘what we can do about this right here, right now’ and you put the power firmly in their hands.  Make it a game.  Join in local efforts run by your council, including clean-up days.  Try to sort the garbage as you go if possible if that is how your council likes it.

Show them how to read a power meter.  See how much energy you can save and how this can affect your bill.  Have a special excursion.

Buy your kids one of those solar energy demo toys.  They are fun.  Once at a ‘Save the erg’ festival, we won three of them (shocking the festival organizers!) and one is still going more than thirty years later.

Get them involved in gardening or if you live in an apartment, at least grow some cress and mustard and make it into flavoured hard boiled eggs for sandwiches.

Teach them how to be locavores!  Shop and eat locally. Tell them why that is a good thing.

Buy everyone in the family a bike and use them every day.  Helmets and sunscreen are good with this and invest in tough bike locks to prevent theft.  Consider getting a serial number engraved on the bike by the local police and register the number with the bike registry.

Show them this site and encourage them to read it and contribute their own ideas!  We would love to hear from young people.

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