HOOKturn have released a very cool reusable coffee cup. This isn’t the normal coffee cup that people have, the thermos style mug, this look like those lovely little paper coffee cups you get.
So if you are a sucker for the little paper cup that you get a the local cafe in the morning before work, try taking this little cup down there for a change! The BYO Coffee Cup made by Hookturn Industries a local Melbourne collective.


Made from silicone, it’s firm but flexible, light-weight but tough, and will withstand 200ºC heat. It’s pretty much indestructible. Which means it won’t contribute to the mountain of discarded disposable coffee cups shoved into landfill, that will never decompose because of their polymer lining.

The BYO keeps your coffee warm yet it’s cool to the touch. Use it. Wash it. Use it. Wash it and then re use it again! Wonderful!


Available online from their store or they have a list of stockist.
Also if you are a cafe and looking to stock these for sale with coffees you can contact Hookturn industries about wholesale arrangements!

Hookturn Industries reusable BYO Coffee Cup from Renae on Vimeo.

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