The University of WA and WWF is calling to action anyone who is a citizen scientist or a cockatoo enthusiast in the Perth area to help them track the movements of the Carnaby Cockatoo.

The general public has been encouraged to keep your eyes out for the Carnaby Cockatoo and then volunteers can record observations of the cockatoo on to this website between April 19 and August 30 –

The data collected will contribute to a thorough assessment of the flight paths and habitat preferences of cockatoos in urban areas.

Dr Nicola Mitchell (Assistant Professor, School of Animal Biology, The University of Western Australia) states

We’ll use the information to identify key habitat and flight paths, and to estimate how far the urban flocks travel to meet their energy requirements.

The data collected will be transferred to a larger-scale citizen science project coordinated by Birds Australia in September 2010, and will ultimately be publically available via the Atlas of Living Australia

So keep your eyes open and log onto the website today and let them know what you have seen!


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