We have a problem here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Nobody recycles glass bottles as the nearest recycler would be a very long drive away in Guadalajara or as far as Mexico City. So the carbon economy factor means it would take more energy to deliver the bottles to the recycler. Thousands of bottles litter our beaches and streets.

So I was thinking: Why not construct a glass bottle house?

A quick ‘net surf showed me that there have been glass bottle constructions all over the world, probably the best one being the John J. Makinen house in Kaleva, Michingan. It’s made of 60,000 bottles!

You can see the details at John J Makinan House

The instructions for a bottle house are simple: Make sure you dig and concrete secure, deep foundations and insert some rebar for wall integrity. Make sure you have a mortar that will not expand and contract in a way that would break your bottles (this can be a problem).

Here’s the method that you can try at home!

In other parts of the world, including Phuket, it seems they don’t recycle plastic bottles as they are all over the beaches. You could make a shelter from these, or a greenhouse. For a cool wall, fill them with water, seal, leave an air gap and make a second wall.

If you want to make a GREENHOUSE from plastic bottles, there is a plan via Reap Scotland and Making Your Own

These projects are very exciting and don’t look in the least tacky in my opinion!

Now to convince my local litter-town that if they made a bottle house it would be a tourist attraction.

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