April 19, 2014

Carbon Price Scheme – No Longer a Mystery Package

Carbon Dioxide

Upon the release of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s carbon price package (to take effect July 1, 2012), there has been talk aplenty of her plummeting popularity. The PM has dismissed the commentary in favour of the scheme’s necessity, saying, “Polls will come and go… I’m absolutely convinced what I’m doing’s right.”

Carbon Tax – A Short Roundup


I won’t go into too many details here as it is being covered by everyone and anyone, so here is a quick round up thanks to the crew over at crikey.com.au

Solar Thermal Shines On in the United States


Another large-scale concentrating solar thermal project is underway in the United States thanks to strong financial support from the Federal Government. The news is the latest example of the United States moving forward with investment in renewable energy.

Australia’s Energy Aims Mixed Up With Energy Reality

Streit um Abgasnormen bei Kraftwerken

A new report released yesterday by Environment Victoria has outlined Australia’s electricity generation mix between 1960-2009 and has demonstrated a serious lack of commitment to renewable energy generation. The report highlights a steady decline in the proportion of renewable energy sources and an ever increasing reliance on coal-fired power.

A Green Gift Guide For Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day will be here in no time (8th May) and it’s only right and proper that you should show your Mum just how much you love and appreciate all that she does and has done for you. You might even want to give her a treat on this special day, so to help you […]

Solar in the media


One of the most intriguing displays at Las Vegas this year at the N.A.B. (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention was the large solar and alternative power walk.

For Eco-Friendly Santas: Algae Milk and Cookies


It is the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… well, maybe not!  Santa was taking a break and enjoying a plate of cookies and a tall glass of Algae Milk!

Christmas Inspiration – Handcrafted Wreaths


The countdown to Christmas is on, so here is my wrap up of  beautiful Christmas Wreaths. These are gorgeous and use many materials you have at home, so don’t be afraid to DIY this Christmas season!

How to Green your Office Kris Kringle


I work in an office and am participating in the office Kris Kringle. I want to stick to my ideals but also be able to give a nice gift that someone will actually appreciate for a measly $15…  so, what should I do?

Holiday decorations that reduce, reuse or recycle!


Christmas decorations are already in the shops and are occupying miles of shelf space and are mostly imported from China, so already, they are a bit of a blot on the environment.