December 29, 2016

Life is on the line, clothes line that is!

Since their invention in the 1900s tumble driers have become the energy-guzzling bad boys of the home. We now favour ease and convenience over the natural drying ability of the elements – all at the expense of our planet, but there’s no excuse for using one if the weather is fair and you have outside […]

Product Review – Fuji EnviroMax Batteries

We don’t do many product reviews here at My Green Australia, but we were lucky enough to be sent a few batteries for testing (and obviously promotion) from the team at Fuji.

Create Your Own Homemade Counter Spray

Buying cleaning supplies at the store can be expensive. They are filled with chemicals that can be detrimental to your health and to the environment.

Energy efficient fridges – a waste of money or saving the planet?

Although energy efficiency appliances have improved dramatically over the past decade, we’re always a little cautious about recommending highly rated energy efficient fridges to our eTool clients, as the main focus is on temperature performance to keep food fresh for longer periods, which can become problematic when looked at a little more closely.

Josh’s House Project

Josh Byrne (environmental scientist & presenter on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia) is underway with his most ambitious house project yet – the design and construction of two 10 Star energy efficient family homes in the Fremantle suburb of Hilton, WA.

How to Best Water your Lawn

Watering your lawn or garden can be time consuming and expensive, especially in very dry years. How can you get the most out of the water you use to water your lawn?

12 Easy Ways to Cut your Energy Bills

Times are tough and many of us are feeling an increased pressure to save money on our consistently rising energy bills. Here are 12 easy ways to reduce your energy costs and to keep more of that hard earned cash in your wallets.

Gas or Electricity?

At eTool, we’re passionate about reducing the carbon intensity of buildings first and foremost. It’s what we live and breathe, so we try to look at every consideration when putting our design recommendations forward…we don’t take it lightly!

Upcycling with Paper Mache!

Birthdays, Christmas Day, Mother’s day, they all have one thing in common; a mountain of torn wrapping paper at the end of it!  You could carefully fold it up and put it out for recycling but wrapping paper costs almost as much as the presents these days so I would rather not throw it away. 

Aquaponics: Culling the Older Fish

Our aquaponics system is now approaching its fourth year since we installed it here at Ecofilms and over the years a multitude of vegetables and fish have gone through it.