January 1, 2017

7 of the Best Eco-lodges in Australia

Are you an environmentally conscious traveler looking for relaxing spot for your next holiday? If so, you have made an excellent, eco-friendly choice. Australia is recognized around the globe for exceptional eco-tourism and there is no shortage of excellent eco-lodges to choose from.

Green Travel: How Backpackers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Backpacking around Australia is a dream come true for many young people. The breathtaking splendour of The Outback, watching the New Year fireworks in Sydney, and learning to surf on Bondi beach: when you have such adventures on your mind (not to mention the heavy rucksack on your back) it’s easy to forget the negative […]

Radio National: Coal seam gas report ‘suppressed’ (transcript)

It’s been hailed as the low carbon fuel to help us transition to a clean energy future, but in recent months, some have started to question the climate credentials of the so called ‘unconventional gas’; coal seam gas and shale gas…

Saving Seeds – Do we have a choice?

This beautiful short film by Jason Taylor from the Source Project talks about the importance of saving seeds. Filmed in India, this kind of foresight and care for our plants and production food needs to be entrenched in our Australian way of life.

Berlin – Green city in a Green nation.

It is obviously in Germany’s interests to both push solar power and use it. They make most of the good solar panels and it is one of their most important exports. As well, following Fukushima, they have decided to shut down ALL their nuclear plants within the next ten years. Of course, they may still […]

Eco Beach in Broome are creating a sustainable environment & kitchen for resort lovers!

At Eco Beach Broome, it’s all about sustainability of the environment and the resort’s kitchen!  Keen gardener and ‘Chef de Cuisine’, Kenneth Clapham, is passionate about cooking with fresh, seasonal, organic, culinary ingredients.

Green TV – a rare commodity but worth watching.

It seems that Green TV shows are not popular.  Try pitching them to networks and you will soon see that the care-salesmen / accountants in charge just don’t want to know. They are believed to be earnest and boring!  But a few have sneaked under the radar.

Paperback Camp – Eco Camping in NSW

Have you heard of the word “glamping” before? Urban Dictionary defines it as  “Glamorous camping. Satisfying your craving for the outdoors and your penchant for a good meal, nice glass of wine, and a comfortable bed. No stinky sleeping bags on the hard ground and freeze dried food for me. If its not a Glamping […]

Taking an Eco Gap Year in Australia

It is the start a fresh new year and for some young people they are considering volunteering or taking a green gap year!

Green kids’ birthday party

All too often these days kids’ birthday parties are stressful exercises in one-upmanship, self indulgence and the spreading of bad food and junk amongst a group of kids put together for political reasons rather than friendship.  There!  I’ve said it.  I don’t actually like normal birthday parties for kids.