Are you looking to buy some chickens for your backyard? Or are you looking to sell a few chickens from your own backyard flock? is here to help you buy and sell your favourite avian friends!

Chook Trader is here to help you buy and sell poultry and poultry equipment including:

  • coops
  • incubators
  • chickens
  • ducks

How is Chook Trader Different to Existing Poultry Sites?

Chook Trader offers a number of features and options such as:

  • advanced search functions so you can find what you need faster and easier
  • classified adverts for live poultry and poultry related services
  • “auction” and “buy now” listings for all poultry related equipment
  • dedicated online stores for sellers to showcase all their items

Benefits for Sellers

Chook Trader provides a low-cost, quick and simple listing function. It’s easy to use and easy to search, so buyers can find your products effortlessly.

Anyone is welcome to sell on Chook Trader as long as your products directly relate to poultry.

Benefits for Buyers

Finding the poultry and products you need has never been easier. Chook Trader’s advanced search functions lets you find what you want, where you want it.

It couldn’t be easier!

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