Do you think about what you eat? I do. I think a lot about what wonderful things I am going to eat such as cakes, biscuits, risotto, brownies, pasta etc etc but I don’t always think about the individual ingredients that go into making these wonderful dishes when I go out to eat! I am happy to say that the RSPCA of Australia have an initiative called CHOOSE WISELY that does all the thinking for me!

Choose Wisely is a celebration of animal welfare-friendly food. Choose Wisely businesses have committed to serve eggs, chicken and pork produced from animals that have been farmed humanely. That means layer hens, meat chickens and pigs are free to socialise and express their full range of natural behaviours.

So what does this all mean and how on earth do I find places that have certification?

You just click through to the CHOOSE WISELY website and select the state you live in and search around. This is obviously a fairly new initiative, so there may not be a lot in your area, but we welcome people letting their local shops and cafes know about the campaign so they can make changes!

Making a difference

Choose Wisely businesses serve humanely produced eggs, chicken or pork (or all three) at a Gold, Silver or Bronze level, depending on whether they use them in all or some of their products.

Gold means all egg/chicken/pork-containing food items sold on the premises, including sauces and cakes, are made with welfare-friendly products.

Silver means all egg/chicken/pork-containing food items made on the premises are made with welfare-friendly products but not necessarily in products brought in, such as cakes and sauces.

Bronze (eggs only) means all egg-containing food items used on the premises are free-range or barn-laid. This could include fried eggs, omelettes, salads, etc. These products should be clearly labelled.

This is a big commitment so we’re also asking consumers to support those businesses that take this step and to encourage others to join.

And when next you’re in the supermarket, the RSPCA asks shoppers to choose wisely and help us improve the treatment of farm animals in Australia.

The power is in your hands.

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