I was pretty pleased when I took delivery of my compost bin and though I am still trying to get the mixture right, I have hopes for the future as we have plenty of fruit peels and leaves around here. I am still grappling with the lack of earthworms here.

Yesterday I visited the Nayarit Proveedores expo just up the road which is sort of like the Agricultural shows in Australia and there were plenty of stalls with interesting displays there. One particularly took my eye as it was just devoted to a massive compost farm in Tepic, the capital city of our state.

TerraSana is a totally Mexican company that aims at establishing a sustainable compost farm, turning masses of green waste (and here in the tropics, there is certainly plenty of vegetation being trimmed and lopped in the wet season) into the finest soil you could imagine. Eventually they will expand to have branches all over the country and are aiming at improving the nation’s recycling and soil making capacity.

It is already an impressive undertaking and I can’t wait for them to be in our district. There is now a big push to separate waste and the city gardeners here have special green bags for collecting it. What happens to it after that I don’t know as we are a few hours drive from Tepic and I haven’t heard of any similar ventures out of Tepic.

We were given a couple of sample bags of the soil manufactured by TerraSana and it is fine and rich.

It augurs well for the future of Mexico which is suddenly getting on the environmental train. Once its youth are committed to cleanliness and tidiness, this place will be a world-beater! Perhaps, in fact, the Swine Flue scare has been a wakeup call to the world. In this town the pandemic hasn’t officially hit, but the effects have been devastating as tourists have stayed away in droves.

Overall, there seems to be a growing awareness of the link between good environmental practices and well being. The people in charge of TerraSana are passionate about their product which could revolutionise farming in this area.

We wish them well.

See more about them (in Spanish) at www.terrasana.com.mx

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