I have always loved cauliflower but didn’t realize until I was an adult that my mother had been sneaking it into any recipe that required creamy stock bases and silly us, we just lapped it up.

So here’s the quick trick!

Take 2 cups of stock (any type, but Mother used home-made chicken). Wash ½ a cauli well and chop it into small pieces, stalk and all.

Place it in a food processor or blender and whiz it until it is creamy liquid.

Use THIS as a base for all your normal soups, including cream of chicken, cream of tomato, bacon-topped cauli soup, cream of mushroom, onion or anything. You can also use this to thicken stews. Bacon is a great garnish for caulis and will give it all the salt and tang you need. Cheese, of course, is a natural, especially tasty matured and blue styles. Cauli loves that bite.

And the best part? Almost no kilojoules at all. The second best? Caulis are ALWAYS cheap and in the market all year long. They are also pretty easy to grow.

Enjoy your frugalista, ecological dinner!

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