Here’s a ritzy yet cheap recipe I invented because I wanted to do a version without eggs or added sugar or dairy cream. Amounts don’t have to be precise. And where I live mangoes and coconuts are cheap or even free if you walk through the local streets where the fruit just falls to the ground.


  • 2 sachets of gelatine
  • Half cup of boiling water
  • 1 box of coconut milk (these are made with varying degrees of sugar, so choose to your taste) – they are around 250 ml.
  • 2 large juicy ripe mangoes


Firstly peel and chop the mango and whiz it up in the food processor or vitamiser. Leave a few lumps for interest!

Empty the box of coconut into a mixer bowl and whisk it as if it were egg white. It will fluff up amazingly. You don’t need egg.

Melt the gelatine in the water by either sprinkling it onto boiling water (around ½ cup) or putting it in the microwave for a couple of minutes in a larger container than the quantity (say a ½ litre jug). Stir till there are no lumps and until it is cool, add to the mango in the machine and give it a couple of seconds to mix.

Then fold this mix into the coconut fluff carefully and pour into small bowls.

This dessert is magnificent. You could add some cointreau or other orangey liqueur if you want it to be more grown up.

Leave in fridge to set and eat as a cake substitute when the hungries hit! You can vary it by adding yoghurt. With very ripe mangoes you don’t need to add any sugar and in fact, unsweetened coconut milk or cream will work just as well.

The green saving is – at least for those who live in the tropics – that you can pick up the ingredients locally and I am going to see if I can make this with the innards of a whole coconut or two (which fall on our local golf course along with the mangoes).

You can also use pudding moulds as well! I saw these Buddha pudding moulds a while ago!
Il Buddino by Nobody and Co


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