We should be saying “I love you” all year round to the people we love, we should be making an effort every day to show affection and admiration but some people like the big Valentine’s day to do something a little extra, so how do you do it with a green heart?

Valentine’s Day really is a consumption holiday – there really is no denying it anymore. The cards, the wrapping paper, the last minute dash to buy overpackaged chocolates, beautifully wrapped roses, soft toys, the gifts that come in excessive amounts of pink or red paper! It really is a little much and it is very expensive to boot!

If you are not one to go “all out” during the year and try to make something special of the day then we have a great list of eco ideas to help and this is a great day to practice a kinder, greener love.


Avoid paper cards this year, and while you’re at it, avoid e-cards, facebook messages, sms and email as well!
What a perfect opportunity to say those words to the person you love.

You don’t have to be a poet or a romance novelist, you just need to say to the person you love what you feel.
Try to avoid the usual cliches you have heard in movies and tell them the reasons why you love them – is it their cute Saturday morning bed hair? The first glance when you roll over and your eyes meet in the mornings? You could have been married for 10 years but your heart still loves greeting each other when you get home from work. If you love your wife’s cooking – let her know! Tell her why! If your husband is the handy man, let him know you appreciate every little thing he does, even the small things like fixing the washer on the tap.

I find letting someone I love know why, from the knowing glances, to the comfortable silences, to the wake up morning kisses, to the home cooked dinners to evening walks together and appreciating the things you learn from them is the nicest thing you can do.


You could set up a wine tasting evening with a few selected wines, some organic cheese and biscuits. This a great opportunity to try some Biodynamic Wines together.

What is biodynamic winemaking? Well it’s about going beyond the stringent guidelines of organic growing. It’s about believing in the self-sustainabilty of the vineyard as well as viewing the practice of biodynamic farming in a holistic manner

Our selection:
Carlei Green Vineyards Pinot Noir: “Rich, ripe damson plum fruit on a full, round and fleshy palate; very good balance, structure and length; somehow retains elegance.”

2008 Pennyweight Beechworth Semillon Sauvignon Blanc: “Ripe melon with overtones of zesty citrus. A light, lingering dry finish.”

CAPE JAFFA Limited Release Merlot 2005 MOUNT BENSON: “Complex dark berry notes with subtle hints of dried fruit comprise the nose of this limited release”

A full list of Australian Biodynamic Wines can be found at Red, White and Green or a selection of organic wines can be found at organicwines.com.au



If you love to give flowers, try to make sure they are locally grown and from sustainable growers. Flowerbunch.com.au (Victoria) are a sustainable and organic flowerfarm and have a fantastic selection for Valentine’s day.

If you can though, the best bet is to find a local garden store and purchase flowers in a a pot, you can then take them home and plant them together. Even a small herb garden in a barrel with a big red ribbon can be delightful and useful surprise instead of the bunch of flowers.

There are many, many flower options you can do – you can even have a date and take a walk through the local nursery together and pick out a special plant together, you can then plant it as a growing reminder of your enduring love for each other and the earth.


You could easily go out to a restaurant this year, even an organic or vegan one is a great option but nothing beats the ultimate home cooked meal.

This could be the Ultimate Breakfast which could be organic pancakes drizzled in maple syrup, strawberries with a big dollop of cream! It could be a big mix of your favourite breakfast foods such as bacon, grilled tomatoes, sausages and hash brown.

The Ultimate Lunch could consist of big mouthwatering salad rolls with grilled organic chicken, or a selection of your favourite deli foods, or a big warm bowl of soup and freshly baked bread. If you are game, you could make some home made Chinese Dumplings and have yum cha!

The Ultimate Dinner, wow this could be anything! If you are able to you could buy some expensive but local cut of beef and have a lovers BBQ together! Grilled Salmon on a bed of wild rice, create some delicious home made Thai food, or a rich Indian curry!

The ultimate meal that you make you can either do this together or serenade the one you love with their favourites. This is the easiest thing to do! So many recipes online and ideas around. Basically go nuts in the kitchen!


Organic chocolate is delicious – and a few pieces with your loved one is delightful!

In Australia there is a wide selection of organic chocolate to select from such as Green & Black and Coco Chocolate (NSW) and even organic fair trade producers such as Cocoa Rhapsody.

You can make a small gift basket for a loved one of a range of chocolates you have personally selected, then have a taste testing session! Light some soy candles and get cozy together!


For me, this year will be about hand holding and karaoke of love songs! Cheesy but I assure you all, it will be memorable!

What are your favourite things for valentine’s day, or what have you got planned! Let us in on the surprise!

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