“Who cares about the Forest?” is the question Franke James asks herself when thinking about the paper her book is printed on and why she feels guilty when using paper towels. She went and did some research in the Canadian Boreal Forest and explains about the FSC and forest management in this fun and educational video!

Do you ever feel guilty when you use paper towels? Do you ever think about trees being cut down to make envelopes? Do you ever wonder, “is it really right to cut trees?

I did. But who am I to point fingers?

Who cares about the Forest? from Franke James on Vimeo.

FSC in Australia

FSC has had a presence in Australia since 2001 when a contact person was appointed. The mission of Responsible Forest Management Australia Limited (RFMA) is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests in Australia and countries supplying the Australian forest products market.

FSC Australia has three focus areas of development:

  1. development of the organisation in a way that represents the FSC system, engages a wide cross-section all stakeholders and provides a strong financially viable base to pursue its mission;
  2. development of national and regional standards for forest management that are appropriate to the Australian environment and social circumstances;
  3. development of markets for FSC certified products (fibre, paper and sawn wood);

In addition, FSC Australia will seek to participate in activities that promote responsible forest management in neighbouring countries and countries supplying the Australian forest products market.

So when you are out buying paper products for your office or home, ask yourself if;

  1. Do you really need this? Is there a better way producing similar results – say using email to invoice clients instead of paper, and
  2. Check for the FSC logo. This will ensure the safety and protection of our forests while still using a valuable resource!

If you LOVE Australia (and if you are here reading this, then I am going to assume yes you do) then check for this logo, teach others about FSC and what they are doing to protect Australia and to start changing habits, procedures and cut back on the excess consumption of our wonderful trees.

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