If you have limited space, trouble growing your favourite vegetables, or like me, are new to the wonders of gardening you might like to start with creating a raised garden bed.

Raised garden beds are basically a hybrid of container gardening and in ground gardening. With raised garden beds you can introduce new crops into your patch that you may not have been able to wiht container gardening. Also with a raised height of the bed it is easier on your joints and back if you find bending down to be a pain.

So how do you get started? Easy!

Start by designing the shape of your new garden – make sure you will have suitable room in your garden for the size you want. Make sure you select a location near to water and an area that gets suitable amount of sun for your vegetables to thrive!

The materials you will need to build the garden bed can range from old railway posts, giant logs you have and pavers! Basically you are creating a box that will hold the dirt, so use your imagination!

Once you have set out your garden bed and placed the lumber down or rocks, you will need to dig up the soil on the ground. Once you have loosened the soil, a top tip is to place down some weed mat to reduce the amount of weeds into your new soil.

Now you simply fill the bed with a mixture of compost and top soil – select the best soil and compost that your new plants will love. Make sure it will suit them for the best possible growth. Rake smooth.

Planting your new crops is the fun part – make sure you space them out in your new bed and water them in thoroughly.

If you want a complete and thorough step by step on raised garden beds – that can be found here with pictures and details!

Let us know how you go and keep us updated with your new crops!

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