A wheelbarrow? An old watering can? How about a pair of crocs?! Yes, there are many wonderful and creative ways to liven up your gardening by recycling some every day household items into pots. Check out what we found!

1. Crocs
Yes, the plastic shoe worn by hunderds of people. But what do you do with them when you no longer wear them, or if your kids have grown out of them? Check this cute idea from RealSimple.

You can use them as hanging planters (the holes are perfect for drainage). Line the toes with moss, then plant pansies, violas, or pin cushion ivy. Hang them by the heel strap.


2. Cinder Blocks

These are the unsightly builing blocks used in many many homes. These are very easy to come by for free (just watch for building renovations and ask on site if you can take a couple that will be unused) or they are very cheap to purchase. Plant in your favourite herbs and flowers and watch them flourish!
Annette at Pot-ted shows us her version and I love it!


3. Cans

These are a no brainer. Everyone will have used cans around the home, so all you need to do is drill (or use a hammer and nail) some holes into the bottom of the can, and then attached some string or a chain and voila! Instant planter. This is a great activity for the kids to get them into the garden too. Get them to paint and decorate their cans and plants some herbs so they can tend to them.
Design Sponge have a great write up about using your tin can planters as wonderful indoor pots too.


4. Take Away Containers

They are waterproof and very kitch. A few of them lined up on a window sill filled with cacti or succulents would really brighten a room. Randofo over at Instructibles have a detailed write up on using the containers with venus fly traps!


5. Tires

Tires are usually available, just speak to your local car repairer and they may have some spare ones they can give you!
They are simple to use and make a great bed for creating your raised garden bed in. I love tires being used with flowers – the brighter the better! Bunching pansies or other flowers will make your tire burst (get it!) with colour.



What are you other ideas for recycled planters? What do you use in your garden?

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