Going green is in and communities around the world are changing their habits to live in a more sustainable way. The impending and real threat of global warming has encouraged millions to reduce their carbon footprint and change their daily unsustainable habits for the greater good of the planet.

In keeping with this trend, businesses now offer a huge range of eco-friendly products to reduce waste and increase the percentage of biodegradable materials in their products. These products are made more sustainable and eco-friendly by substituting traditional chemical-based ingredients with green, biodegradable materials that will not take hundreds of years to breakdown in landfill when consumers are done with the product.

In terms of choosing which products are green enough for your business, here are some guidelines to help you decide:

  • It should not present a health hazard to people or animals

  • It is efficient in its use of resources during manufacturing

  • It should not contribute to excessive waste in its use or packaging

  • It should be made mostly out of biodegradable materials

  • It doesn’t rely on animal products or contribute to animal cruelty

There are a number of advantages to choosing environmentally friendly promotional products over traditionally manufactured non sustainable ones. Just make sure to source items from trusted sellers like Fresh Promotions and Eco Promotions Online to get the best deals available in the market.

Going green is a sound business decision

Some suppliers offer eco lines of products at very affordable prices because consumers are increasingly choosing sustainable products over their non-sustainable counterparts. Eco packaging products and items look fantastic with branding on them and the speckled finish of some card and plastic items adds a premium look whilst reinforcing your brand’s eco credentials.

Corporate social responsibility on display

Choosing green items will not only help clean up the planet but it will also exhibit your corporate social responsibility as a business. It will show your consumers how much you really care about the environment and that you want them to engage in environmentally sustainable practices too. Although thousands of companies are engaging in sustainable practices, many are yet to make the switch so your business has the opportunity to be viewed as a driver of change for the better of the environment.

The benefits of eco-friendly products are extensive for both the environment and consumers. Business owners should research their options when deciding on a supplier of sustainable promotional products and all companies should seriously considering the benefits of these products for both their customers and more importantly, the environment.

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