So who here is freaking out about Christmas? Let me stress you out a little and ask have you bought all the presents yet, have you decorated a tree, have you done all your cooking?  If the answer is no, then I suggest you take a 5 minute break, breathe deeply and remember it is only once a year!

Tip 1: Ask someone what they actually want and need.

Okay this really removes the joy of opening an unknown present, but if you are just not sure what they would like and you don’t want to waste your money on something they hate, why not just ask!  This doesn’t work for everyone, but if you know you can ask, then do. Those people might appreciate you want to give them something that they will love and really want!

Santa, can you please deliver my Golden Egg ASAP!

Tip 2: Put a price on Christmas.

Another miserly tip, but so many families are now adopting this method of having a limit on how much they are spending per gift. Another great way to incorporate this method is have a Kris Kringle and draw names out of a hat for who gives who a gift. It doesn’t have to be anonymous, just make sure it is a simple way for everyone to get a small gift at the this time of year.

Obviously for people with small children, this may not be the best way for your family, but for adults giving gifts to other adults, this is usually a preferred method. Saves money and also stress!

I will take a can of Cream of Tomato if you must!

Tip 3: DIY and Crafter Gifts

If you are DIY and Craft inclined then making a gift can save you big money, plus there is also love and hard work put into this gift and some people will truely appreciate this.

How about you make a big batch of Biscotti and package them up in cute “chinese take away” paper boxes with some festive twine or homemade marshmallows. These are super simple to make and also make a great gift. If you are a soap maker, you can make peppermint scented soaps, or if you are a handyman, offer your services for a day to a family member. I am sure they will appreciate it!

Hopefully you can resist eating them all before wrapping them up!

Tip 4: An Eco Getaway

For that special person in your life, why do you want to buy them just another gadget or  another bottle of perfume or a box of chocolates? Boring!

How about planning a weekend eco getaway, try somewhere in your state that has “glamping”
(glamorous camping) and grab some champagne, some delicious nibbles and spend the nights in eco bliss! Quiet and alone time is always a wonderful gift. Take a book, sit in the sun, make a picnic, lay on the grass together, stroll along a path holding hands, I could on and on!

TIme to get GLAMPING!

Tip 5: Remain Calm

After all is said and done, it is only one day. You don’t need to break a sweat to be with your family, and if they drive you crazy just keep this mantra in mind “it is only once a year… it is only once a year!

So what do you plan on doing this Christmas?

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