It seems that Green TV shows are not popular.  Try pitching them to networks and you will soon see that the care-salesmen / accountants in charge just don’t want to know. They are believed to be earnest and boring!  But a few have sneaked under the radar.

This is just a quick list of green themed television shows for which you may want to hunt either on your free-to-air, cable or via SnagFilms or other non-pirate television library.

  1. Earth Reporters (BBC)
  2. Quantum (ABC-TV)
  3. Planet Green (Discovery)
  4. Various docs on the Sundance channel (you need to hunt for these but they often pop up and are worth watching).
  5. Earth Focus
  6. It’s Easy Being Green (Fine Living Network in the USA but via the web as Youtube segments).
  7. Eco Tech (SCI – Science Channel)
  8. ECO TV (PBS) as specials.
    Note that there is more online.  Type in any topic about which you want to know something and you will find a small video clip – some good, some bad – but they are worth trawling through.  Then send some feedback to the maker to give them hope that someone is actually watching their creation!
  9. Dora the Explorer.  Yes, there are green themes in this kids’ show which trains a new generation of lovers of the earth.
  10. Man Vs. Wild. (Discovery)
  11. River Monsters (a fishing programme that addresses many green ideas along the way).

Let us know if you have seen anything good and we will add them to the list!  Sadly, there are not many. ‘Iron Chef’ for instance, is the antithesis of Green television and I am ashamed to say I love it but they throw out enough amazing food in one show to feed me for a month.

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