December 28, 2016

Green Weddings – Part 1 – The Invitations

Congratulations, you’re getting married! My Green Australia is here to help you guide your way through the amazing amount of information about green weddings! Part 1 – The Invitations So you’ve announced your wedding, you have rung all the right people, changed your status on facebook/myspace/friendster, visited relatives with exciting news and you’re ready to begin the wedding planning.

One of the best ways to save the date for your wedding and set the tone is in your wedding invitations.

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The amount of paper that can be used for any one wedding is a lot – including your save the date cards, wedding invitations, reply cards, additional information and maps, envelopes, order of services, place cards, table seating charts, table names lists, running orders, menus, gift tags, cake bags/boxes and even thank you cards!

There are many options today for 100% recycled, partially recycled or completely tree free papers from wedding invitation suppliers. There is now even a plantable paper that is embedded with Australian native seeds. After the wedding, your guests can plant your invitations (or thank you cards) and flowers will grow right out of them.  You have to check if these are native to your area before doing anything like this – but what a great idea!
For more information check out Paper Go Round or RoundRobinPress (USA)

Plantable Wedding Card from


Try to look for 100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper which means it is not just off-cuts from the paper making process itself, rather has been used by consumers in its life cycle. Any paper products which are labelled FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) or are part of Germany’s Blue Angel program are recommended as the most environmental options available. Keep in mind, recycled papers may have inconsistencies and flaws, but as in life – this is what makes them beautiful and unique!

Some green invitation specialists in Australia are:

You could also re-purpose old cards, used papers, Japanese origami papers, second hand fabrics into your invitations too, or you could go all out like Kari Dyas did with her invitations as re-purpose old books and keys!

Save the Date cards using keys and recycled paper


Gorgeous invitations using re-purposed books


Making your invitations more personal it will mean a lot more to people to receive them.  I would be delighted to receive a hand made invitation with some simple calligraphy on it from a dear friend for her wedding.

If you are more of a gadget bride – you could remove the option of paper invites altogether and go with an online invitation. Save the actual paper invites for your parents/parents-in-laws, people with no email access and a copy for yourself if you wanted.

Create a mailing list of people who are attending and create a gorgeous email to send, or even set up a wedding website with all the details online!

Some great do-it-yourself sites are:

Here is a really creative and environmentally friendly way to send out your Save The Date cards! Make a video, post it online and then email it around! Fair enough we may not all be that creative but it certainly gets you thinking about what you can do, or rope your graphic designer friends to help you out with!


  • Decide what you really need to print, and avoid printing anything else
  • Set up a website or email for guest to RSVP to, instead of sending reply cards
  • Source 100% post consumer recycled paper and look for printers who will use vegetable based inks
  • Get creative and make your own paper, it’s messy, fun and very rewarding
  • If your venue is printing menus, encourage them to print on recycled paper
  • By avoiding laminating or special crafts features, you are enabling the invitation to be recycled again
  • Let your guests know by printing on the invitations ‘recycled paper’ and ‘please recycle this invitation when no longer needed’
  • Talk to catering staff and ensure they will recycle any paper remaining on tables.

What are your top tips or stories from your big day? We would love to know more stories and ideas from people!

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  1. Enjoy your blog…found it via bing. Subscribed!

  2. Excellent Article! I personally really appreciate your article. This is a great website. I will make sure that I stop back again!.

  3. Hi

    We would love to be included in your next blog post as we are VERY green and eco friendly. Paperless Wedding email invitations to guests, this links them to the couples personalised wedding website. Here you can tell guests all about your special day. They can keep in touch with you through online RSVP, leaving messages and uploading photos.

    This is all paperless saving couples money and saving our earth a tree or two!

    If you want to know more contact us.



    • Hi Emma,

      Thanks for letting us know about your great site! Looks fantastic and I love the logo! SUPER CUTE!!!!

      We will do an awesome round up of sites and include yours in the future! Keep us up to date with any specials you have running as I am sure there are MANY brides/grooms out there who want to be environmentally friendly!

      warmest regards

  4. Hi, I recently got married and we reduced waste (and cost) by having all invitations by email, no bridal party, no presents, I wore a simple green dress that I can use again, flowers were from my mother-in-law’s garden and she baked the cake, the only table decorations were shells from the local beach, the ceremony was on the beach and the reception was in a community hall. We were not actually trying to have a budget wedding, but just didn’t want to be pressured into buying things just for the sake of sticking to traditions (some of which seem to have been made up rather recently for commercial purposes). We just wanted a simple day to share our commitment with each other and close friends/family, without all the waste that often goes along with modern weddings. The whole thing cost $7K and most of that was accommodation for guests, so there was no need to extend out mortgage! All it takes is some creative thinking instead of just following the mob.

    • That sounds like a lovely wedding. I *love* beach weddings! Not only are they very beautiful settings but the smell of the ocean and the sand in your toes make for very long lasting memories.
      The fact that you didn’t extend your mortgage was brilliant, I have known people to take basically a down payment for a home and spend it on a wedding!!!!!! ludicrous I think!

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m not sure if you have found the website It is a wedding website dedicated to natural eco friendly weddings that is a very helpful resource to Brides planning any kind of natural wedding. I hope you find it helpful as I’m sure your brides will love it also.

    Warmest wishes,


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