Congratulations, you’re getting married! My Green Australia is here to help you guide your way through the amazing amount of information about green weddings! Part 4 – The Flowers and Decor

Understandably for many brides, fresh flowers are an absolute must for their wedding and your flowers can be a place where you can make conscientious decisions which can have big environmental consequences.


Fresh cut flowers are not the kindest environmental option, mostly because of the environmental effects on the land, the chemicals and fertilisers used and the fact that they do not last more than a few days.

You can reduce the amount of flowers you use; firstly by deciding whether some of them are absolutely necessary for example, at the ceremony and then the bouquets can be taken to the venue to be used as table dressing on the bridal table. This will also save you money.

When sourcing your florist, be sure to choose a florist where organically grown, in-season, local flowers are used can be a much better earth friendly choice. This will remove the need for long-distance transportation.
This is also important to think about for centerpieces, use oxygen-producing potted plants, which guests can take home, and incorporate organic fruits, vegetables and berries for a unique table setting.





Having someone willing to reuse or replant the elements of your table decorations will go a long way to reducing your environmental impact. The same applies to the rest of the decorations in the room. As much as you can use recycled, reusable and second-hand items, the better the effect on the planet.

Another fantastic option instead of real flowers is to incorporate some fabric flowers – these are from and they showcase the lovely option available to add to the decor and a gorgeous alternative to the floral bouquet.  I especially love the cluster of flowers on the bridal gown, and these can be reused again on a gorgeous blazer or to add cuteness to a plain scarf in winter.


or check out these button bouquets! If you are a crafty bride these are just the thing! Created by princess lasertron but you can also purchase some from Australian seller Lilly Buds or you can try to make some yourself!


Another option that appears to be very cute if you are having an evening ceremony is the use of sparklers!
These are a very cheap alternative which make for great photos and a lot of fun for the bridesmaids! Just keep them away from burning any holes in dresses but honestly, they are a very fun alternative.


When looking for green options for your table dressings there are many many options available to you! It all depends on your theme – if you are going for a beach theme, try to find some driftwood from your local beach. You can use these in the centre of the table with added shell decorations and floating candles. Try to go with the idea “less is more” you don’t want to over do it!



Using fruit and vegetable filled vases are a gorgeous colour option too – you can choose to use pomegranates for a splash of red or a simple lemon/lime combination. These can be reused after the wedding and guests can even take some home too!

Think about things you love and what you can use on your table dressing, a great idea if you love books is to find them at second hand stores and use them on your table. In this wedding, some of the reception-table centerpieces were displayed atop stacks of hardcover books with yellow, orange, or gray bindings, which the couple collected from secondhand bookstores.


A beautiful table arrangement from a couple came from Green Wedding Shoes

I wanted to do something creative for place cards but was stymied until a $2 purchase at a library book sale saved the day. Using a single volume edition of The Columbia Encyclopedia published in 1943, I made personalized place mats that added a bit of elegance to the tables and provided guests with some entertaining reading material. Each guest’s page included a different wing-related word (e.g. a type of bird or butterfly), and these pages were a huge hit! So many people told us they took turns reading sections of their place mats aloud to the rest of the table.


Our top tips for eco wedding decorations and floral arrangements:

  • Minimise and simplify your décor
  • Look to creative centrepieces which don’t waste fresh flowers
  • Re-use, hire or borrow room decorations if needed
  • Avoid the oasis (green foam in which flower arrangements are secured) as this is wasteful, is not reusable or recyclable
  • If your centrepieces are reusable, announce to your guests they can take them home, this could double as your favours, saving you money too!
  • Ask does the florist work with farmers who follow sustainable practices?
  • Do they use local flower suppliers; and are the flowers organic?
  • Will the florist pick up the flowers after your reception and donate to them to a local hospital or nursing home if the guests are not able to take them all? Some will for a minimal fee.

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