Congratulations, you’re getting married! My Green Australia is here to help you guide your way through the amazing amount of information about green weddings! Part 5 – The Food & Drinks

Food, glorious food!

Supplying the food and drinks for a wedding is generally a must, though unfortunately can be expensive and excessive. Food and beverage production, distribution, and disposal of containers, utensils, napkins, food scraps and packaging take their toll on the environment.

There are many ways which you can reduce the environmental impact of the food and drinks you will serve at your wedding, as well as reduce costs.


If you are using a caterer be sure to ask them to provide locally grown organic food – this may add a little to your budget but it is well worth it! By selecting a menu that uses seasonal fruit and vegetables and to minimise the amount of meat being served is a huge environmental bonus!

People will still love the meal they are served, especially if it is not a dry piece of chicken or steak! There are amazing vegetarian options that will have people asking for the recipes – so search out alternative caterers or restaurants who can supply your guests with organic and seasonal options.

If you have the time and the know how (oh, and don’t forget a team of family helpers!) you can always make your own food – you can serve it in a buffet and allow your guests to pick and choose what they would like to eat. This way you can be sure the food is organic, healthy and fit for you and your guests.  You can also then offer take away for people if they would like more the next day!

Another great idea is a BBQ, making kebabs and salads are a super easy alternative and food can be organised a few days before the event – get your BBQ kebabs marinating early! Make a big pot of potato salad, bean salad and big vegie salads and this is a great fresh meal to have if you are having a beach side or garden wedding! Oh, and don’t forget to have grilled corn on the cob! Yum!

When selecting wines for your wedding there is a huge range of Biodynamic and organic wines available to you.

What is biodynamic winemaking? Well it’s about going beyond the stringent guidelines of organic growing. It’s about believing in the self-sustainabilty of the vineyard as well as viewing the practice of biodynamic farming in a holistic manner

Our selection:
Carlei Green Vineyards Pinot Noir: “Rich, ripe damson plum fruit on a full, round and fleshy palate; very good balance, structure and length; somehow retains elegance.”

2008 Pennyweight Beechworth Semillon Sauvignon Blanc: “Ripe melon with overtones of zesty citrus. A light, lingering dry finish.”

CAPE JAFFA Limited Release Merlot 2005 MOUNT BENSON: “Complex dark berry notes with subtle hints of dried fruit comprise the nose of this limited release”

A full list of Australian Biodynamic Wines can be found at Red, White and Green or a selection of organic wines can be found at


My Green Australia’s Top Tips:

  • Plan out volumes of food by being a little more inquisitive with a caterer, make them aware of your concerns, together you can minimise food wasted
  • Avoid any disposable items such as coffee cups, plastic cutlery
  • Consider a buffet, then guests only take what they need, and leftovers are re-usable
  • Look for lower environmental impact food choices such as in the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Sustainable Seafood Guide
  • Leftover food could be donated to a charity if this is possible in your area.
  • If not, organise any leftovers to be composted
  • Insist on serving local tap beers and organic wines


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