Congratulations, you’re getting married!We are here to help you guide your way through the amazing amount of information about green weddings! Part 6 – The Make up & Hair

Many brides spend a lot of money on this aspect of their wedding – money that is spent on not only hair and make up but also on gym memberships to gain a svelte bridal body, yoga and pilates classes, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, body wraps, etc etc! There is a lot of expectation on brides to look picture perfect on the big day!

So, why not consider the natural approach when it comes to your bridal beauty.  Don’t dramatically change your appearance for the day, no need to try a new haircut or radical hair colour unless you are sure it is going to look right on the day.

As for make up, a simple approach is usually best. Ask your make up artist to highlight your natural good points, if you have dramatically blue eyes or if you are highlighting your sexy pout! I would avoid bright make up colours so that you look timeless in your wedding album.

Don’t switch fragrance on the big day, make sure it is a fragrance that works with your skin – try it out before you use it and also try it in similar weather to the day you have planned! You don’t want to break out in hives or your skin have a weird chemical reaction and you smell unusual.

When looking for make up and cosmetics for the day, make sure you seek our organic and animal cruelty free products. There are many on the market, and your make up artist will be able to advise you. If you are doing your make up yourself, then do some internet research first and see what is available in your area and price range.


Inner beauty and health means exercising and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit caffeine and alcohol intake in the week before so you look as relaxed as possible on your big day, and keep up your water intake! Remember to apply your sunblock every day before and after your wedding, you don’t want any sun damage.

My Green Australia’s top tip:

  • Your skin will be wonderfully radiant if you don’t wear any makeup for a week before the wedding and keep your skin well moisturised.
  • Drink plenty of water and remain hydrated
  • Avoid coffee and alcohol a week up to your wedding
  • Select products and make up artists that use organic and cruelty free products
  • Don’t make dramatic changes the day before your wedding to your hair or skin routine
  • Relax and during the planning of the wedding try to maintain low levels of stress
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