Congratulations, you’re getting married! My Green Australia is here to help you guide your way through the amazing amount of information about green weddings! Part 7 – The Gift Registry & Favours

The Gift Registry

By making a gift registry that people can access online or receive with their invitation is one way to avoid unwanted gifts. Usually people are just unsure what to buy, and choose things that may be inappropriate.  By choosing a fair trade store, or an online gift account can help with unwanted wrapping, plastics and mindless gifts.

Make sure you select only items you need and try to avoid things that are overly packaged!

You could ask people to donate on your behalf to charities and foundations, ask people to donate so you can purchase a laptop for children in poverty via 1 laptop per child program. There are countless charities that set up registries for weddings that people can donate to simply online.

If you are saving for a honeymoon, you can set up a fund that people can donate money to help with paying for flights or hotels or even ask people to donate money to carbon offset your honeymoon.

One of the simplest ways to avoid any kind of issue with a gift registry is to say from the start no gifts allowed. A lot of people may not like this option, but if you strongly believe in no gifts, really let people know from the outset. It is your wedding and your decision.

If people are adamant about gifts, talk to them one on one and explain you would rather have an afternoon tea and cake with them in a park, or taking a walk and sharing some time with them. Many elder people in families may not like the no gift policy, so in exchange for no physical gift  you could take time and visit their home and see their wedding album and share their treasured memories together. These gifts are much more memorable. Taking the time with people who you love is the best present you could get.

The Wedding Bomboniere (favours)

Wedding Bomboniere are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. This is a tradition that has carried on for many centuries and this is a great opportunity to do something environmental and to get your message of love of environment across to your nearest and dearest.

There are so MANY options you can easily be swamped with choices! You could give a small potted plant or seedling to each guests, this is something people can take home and enjoy and is ever lasting (as long as they water them!). If your guests are coming from faraway or even by plane, you might need to give those people something else as this may not work in their local region.

You could simply choose to a small gift of organic locally made chocolate wrapped in recycled paper and ribbons, a personal favourite is Loving Earth.

Home made cookies, or jars of brownie mix or small jars of rock candy are also cute gifts – make sure they are locally made or if you choose to give jars of brownie mix you can use recycled jars and organic ingredients – see recipe here

You could give reusable bags that you have made or had made in canvas with a cute logo, jars of homemade chutney or relish, biodynamic local wines or organic local wines, you could donate money on behalf of each guest to a foundation that means something to you.

Off setting their carbon for attending your wedding can also be a part of the gift for attending your wedding – this might be costly if you  have 400 people attending, but you may be able to donate half and they donate the other half.

Even things like a gift card to local nurseries or wildlife sanctuaries are a great way to encourage people to do something after your big day. Encourage couples to have a special picnic in a park that you have donated to on their behalf.

Small soy candles are also a cute gift for people! Make sure they are locally made and made of soy or beeswax. You can select candles with wonderful fragrances that people will love in their home.

There are just so many options available – you really just need to sit down and think what you would like to get and what you are able to achieve. If you simply want to thank your loved ones for sharing your special, make the memory something that they will treasure and you will be honoured to give.

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