Just because you are green doesn’t mean you have to look like a hairy hippie from the 1970s!  Hair removal actually can help eliminate bacteria from your skin and stops B.O..But…

Removing hair from your body permanently needs dozens of expensive Electrolysis or laser treatments.  IE HOURS sitting in a beauty parlour.

Sugaring is pretty much waxing and like the latter, doesn’t need to be done as often as shaving. The best part?  You can make the stuff yourself, and once you do, you will realize just how that NAD lady became so rich so fast.  The profit margin there is immense!

You can use homemade body sugar to remove hair from anywhere on your body as it is the pulling bit that causes the irritation. If you are using this on sensitive parts (bikini line, face etc.) get someone to help you by holding the skin taut so that you don’t cause damage. There’s the usual waxing pain of course, but it’s something you get used to.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 cup of white sugar,
  • ¼ cup honey,
  • Juice of a lemon.

Molasses (tbspn) or golden syrup will add to the stickiness but is not vital.  You can also add a shot glass full of aloe vera sap if you have plants.

Place all of the ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl large enough to allow for bubbling and spillage. Mix together as much as you can be bothered. Microwave on high for a couple minutes.

Beware – at this stage you are dealing with hot syrup. If it is smooth and stirrable, then  it is ready to use when cool enough.  Stir it well. If it’s not smooth, microwave it for another 30 to 60 seconds.
Remove it from the microwave oven and allow it to cool to a tad above lukewarm.

Use icypole sticks or spatulas to spread it, press cotton strips (5 cm wide by around 28 cm) over it in the direction of the hair growth then rip it off as it sets.

You can store leftovers in the fridge.  Just microwave to make it pliable.

This has great savings in a green sense if you can use a recyclable bowl, tear up old bits of cotton rag for the strips and do without the fancy-nancy packaging, advertising and the artificial colours and preservatives they add in the factories.  If you MUST preserve this, add a teaspoon of citric acid. But still store in the fridge as sugar does ferment.  If you want some perfume in there, add some rose oil or other fruity oil for a bit of zing!

Compost the scrapings!  The hair and sugar mix is great for roses.

Here is a video on some techniques as well! Give it a try and let us know!

Thanks to Petchy for the image and check out her tutorial as well!

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