Some interesting drinks you can make at home very cheaply.

Pineapple Cordial

  • 2 very ripe pineapples
  • 1kg sugar
  • 3tsp citric acid

Wash the pineapple well,.  Chop it skin and all into pieces being careful to retain the juice that comes out in the chopping process.  You can do this by hand or if you have a food processor, roughly chop don’t blend it.. There may be enough juice from the fruit so no need to add water but if it is not so juicy, cover with water – the cordial will just be a little weaker.

Bring to the boil and simmer for thirty minutes, and then strain very well through cheesecloth in a strainer.  Add sugar and totally dissolve, add citric acid and dissolve (which will preserve it).  At this stage, taste it and if too sweet, add some lemon or lime juice.  Bottle it in sterilized sealable bottles or jars.  This should be OK out of the fridge but if you live in the tropics, mould can be a problem so refrigerating it is wise.

To make a drink, add water or soda water or mineral water.

HINT #1: The addition of the petals of a few Hibiscus in stage one will give it a pinkish tinge and a lovely taste as also will a teaspoon of vanilla or a vanilla bean in each bottle as you fill it.  Decorative too!

HINT #2: Chop a heap of fresh ginger in with the pineapple.  Boil it for 30 minutes or more.  Strain and add the same as above.  You will get a great ginger cordial which you can use as ginger beer with soda water added.

Also, this can be made JUST with the skins and core.  A great saving.  Eat the fruit and stockpile cores and skin and make drinks from the rest. (Plant the spiky top in the garden for a fun border that keeps animals off).

Waste not want not!

Green tea liqueur

  • 2 tsp tea leaves
  • 1 cup vodka
  • 1/3 cup simple syrup

Steep the leaves in the vodka for 24 hours

Strain , then add syrup.  Garnish with an orange blossom.

Drink neat for a cocktail or add soda water for a long drink.


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