Looking for a quick and cheap option to fragrance the air in your home? We all know the store bought air freshener sprays usually smell horrible and are quite toxic but you can make a decorative and non-toxic room diffuser simply AND cheaply!

Reed diffusers work when the oil travels up the reed and releases the fragrance into the air. This is brilliant as you can use any essential oils you like and create endless amounts of fragrances. It is much safer than candles and you don’t have to worry about plugging it in and wasting electricity.


  • Select a glass bottle or vases that have a small opening at the neck. The smaller the opening at the neck, the better it is for forcing the oil to travel up the reeds to diffuse than to evaporating through the neck.
  • Select reeds that are at least double the size of the bottle to allow maximum diffusion.  You can purchase reeds from craft shops or even from basket weaving suppliers, but you can easily use bamboo skewers! They work just as well and can be found at your local shops.
  • Create your diffuser oil using the following instructions
  • Mineral Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or Safflower Oil: Select a combination of your favourite essential oils and add as many drops to the carrier oil (Mineral Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or Safflower Oil) as you need to achieve the fragrance you’re after (a good amount to start with is about 12 drops of EO per 1/4 cup of oil). Next add a splash of vodka to help the oil travel up the reeds better. You could also mix the carrier oil with your favourite perfume instead of essential oils (no addition of vodka will be necessary if using perfume).
  • Vodka, Essential Oils & Water: Mix approximately 12 drops of essential oils with 1/4 cup of water then add a splash of vodka. The alcohol helps the essential oils bind with the water. This method will evaporate faster than using oils, but still works.
  • Pour a generous amount of diffuser oil into your bottle and then place the reeds/bamboo skewers inside.  Allow the oil to have some time to soak up the reeds before you will be able to smell the fragrance. You can also turn the reeds over after an hour to help speed it up.
  • Remember to rotate the ends of the reeds once a week to help refresh the fragrance!

And that is a very simple and easy craft you can do to make your home smell fresh and lovely! Try to reuse any old containers you have or hit up the op shop for some vintage bottles!

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