Birke Baehr who was a participant in TEDx Next Generation is an 11-year-old who calls it like he see it!His talk simply titled “What’s Wrong With Our Food System? and How Can We Make A Difference?” was able to cover topics such as genetically modified foods, CAFOs, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and food irradiation.

I love this talk – it shows there is hope in the next generation, that parents are able to show their children a better way and a better choice out there. Just brilliant!

” … And that, my friends, is how we can make a difference. One kid at a time.”

What’s Wrong with Our Food “System”? And How We Can Make a Difference

Birke Baehr, 11 years-old

While traveling with his family and being ‘roadschooled’, Birke at the age of 9 began studying sustainable and organic farming practices. Birke has visited and worked at Full Moon Farms Co-op, Athens, GA; Sequatchie Cove Farm, Sequatchie ,TN; Sapelo Farms, Brunswick, GA; and the organic gardens of The Hostel in the Forest in Brunswick, GA. He also attended a full day seminar with renowned farmer and author, Joel Salatin at The Farm in Summertown, TN. Mr. Salatin has continued to mentor Birke in his pursuit of new thinking about food and agriculture. Birke has also participated in The Sequatchie Valley Institute’s annual ‘Food for Life’ gathering for the past two years. At these workshops he’s studied composting, vermiculture, canning and food preservation methods, sprouting and tea. This year Birke has enjoyed tending a garden with his Granddaddy, growing tomatoes, beans, okra, potatoes, cukes and more. Birke intends to continue his education in this genre and expects to be a sustainable organic agriculturist in the future. He also has a passion for educating others, especially his peers, about the destructiveness of the industrialized food system and the enlightening alternatives of sustainable and organic farming, food and practices. Birke has also volunteered at the Humane Society and loves working with animals.

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