Time to start rehearsing your best dance moves and get ready to be entertained as there are numerous outdoor festivals happening over the summer – but are these events green?


According to the Clean and Green statement released by the promoters of the Big DayOut (starts 15th January, 2010):

Prior to the 2007 show Big Day Out conducted two energy audits of the show to understand the
greenhouse gas emissions caused by our energy usage.
Our first initiative was to reduce our energy use where possible.
We made a commitment to “Carbon Offset” the show and as a consequence in 2007
planted 6,735 Eucalyptus Polybractea (Blue Leaved Mallee) on approximately 4.5 hectares of land
at Narromine in central NSW.

In 2008 as a consequence of a further energy audit we planted 9,248 Eucalyptus Polybractea (Blue
Leaved Mallee) at a property 10km outside Fifield in central west NSW.

Most patrons when buying their tickets for the festival can also opt for a CARBON FREE DAY and this is to carbon offset their day out having fun. This is a first for the Big Day Out and would appear to be a very good option and very cost efficient of only $1.40 or so being added onto your ticket price. Nice One!

They have also included detail on how many of these new Carbon Free BDO tickets have been purchased. So have a look below at the stats.

We were very pleased to announce that a total of 34,050 patrons nation wide, ‘did their bit’ for our planet , enthusiastically taking up the opportunity to participate in a carbon free day, offsetting a total of 2641 tonnes of CO2. From this, 7,975 Eucalyptus Ioxophleba (Blue Leaved Mallee) were planted on a property in central NSW. This is in addition to the trees planted as a result of the festival’s energy audit.


AUCKLAND     2,068
GOLD COAST    7,587
SYDNEY    12,871
MELBOURNE    4,905
ADELAIDE    3,164
PERTH    3,455

TOTAL    34,050

In the Sydney BDO show they have included recycling options for patrons and this year it will be extended to all other states (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit one thing I have always hated about the festivals is the amount of trash that piles up. ) These recycling depots are run by volunteers on the day and encourage and discuss recycling with patrons while they are having a good time. This is a great option – and it should have been included a few years ago, but better late than never! See here for more details on the BDO Recycling options.

This is a great step in the right direction for being able to have a great day out listening to some fantastic acts, but also a brilliant platform to reach a very large Aussie audience with the right message. We do need to get on board and be more conscious of what we do and the choices we make!

Hopefully in years to come they are able to consider some other greener options such as the toilets. These outdoor events use a phenomenal number of portaloos and no matter what Kenny may say, these are operated with some pretty nasty chemicals.  And no matter how hard they try, the owners can’t avoid the filth and germiness of it all.

Then the noise element.  Noise IS a pollutant. Ears have only evolved so far and are not actually capable of withstanding an attack of the Jimmy Barnes screech (neither has our music taste either!) and  100 watt speakers can permanently damage hearing.  Not just in you but in any animals so if you have a pet dog, you are being very cruel to subject it to high volumes. So remember to take your ear plugs on the day!

But for our top tips for enjoying a greener and safer Big Day Out is to:

Work out how you are going to get there?  Public transport I hope!  If you ride your bike, double chain lock it just in case.  Take a small torch so that you can see the lock clearly, and remember where you chained your precious wheels. Take a friend for safety at all times too.

If you have sensitive ears or want to avoid the ringing sensation afterwards, take some foam earplugs with you and use them. I always had a pair with me and trust me, you can still hear everything! St Johns Ambulance are also around on the day and can provide them if you forget yours.

Drink lots of water – Big Day Out provides free water stations and taps, use sunblock regularly during the day and make sure you have a shady hat and your sunglasses too.

Avoid any drugs  (obviously) and reduce the amount of alcohol you consume on the day – you end up feeling dehydrated, getting sun burnt, have a high risk of acting like a tool and embarrassing yourself but more importantly, you miss half the bands you paid the money to see! So best to avoid the drink queues and spend more time watching your favourite band.

Just use a great dash of common sense in attending summer concerts and have a fabulous time!

Let us know how you go on the day!!

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