Here is some food for thought – refrigerator manufacturers are actually designing new fridges knowing that most people only clean their fridges once a year! Time to fess up people – how often do you clean your fridge?

I think this will speak to a lot of people, and I will fess up and say I clean my fridge every couple of months or so since I have a tendency to put fruit and vegetables on any and all shelves regardless of how empty the crisper is!

According to this article by the Wall Street Journal “Why Won’t Anyone Clean Me?

In Whirlpool’s 2005 refrigerator habits survey of 2,571 consumers, 33% said they don’t spend any time cleaning the refrigerator before grocery shopping. In order to make room for items just purchased, 27% reported shoving everything in and not worrying about organization.

Uh, that is slightly worrying! Here are some of the things manufacturers are doing since they know about our filthy habits:

General Electric are adding more internal lights so that you can easily spot forgotten food before it goes bad, Whirlpool is manufacturing shelves with microscopic etching that creates a surface tensions so liquids bubble up instead of spilling over the sides or getting stuck and congealed against the shelf rims.

Most importantly is people do not know how to pack a fridge properly (clearly I don’t since I have 3 tomatoes sitting on my top shelf right now!) and pack food in too tightly and that restricts air flow and reduces the shelf life of food. Sub-Zero is creating fridges that include in the door instructions on how to pack your fridge for the best efficiency and also the healthy way to keep your food fresh.

Also did you know that milk should not be placed on the door – this is the warmest part of the fridge and milk should be placed on a shelf instead.


What is your fridge looking like – have any random pieces of cheese from last year hidden somewhere? How about jars of condiments that just never seem to get used but you can’t bear to throw them out?

Here is mine – shameful!!!

I think I am going to clean my fridge now!

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