December 29, 2016

How to avoid using bottled water

Using bottled water is an ever increasing problem – and being Australians we all realise how devastating drought is to many people around the country.

Consumption of bottled water in Australia is approximately 600 million litres annually, and to sell this much bottled water, the industry will use approximately 1 billion litres of water each year. Clearly we are using more water to create bottled water!? Not a good thing at all!

Unfortunately not every town and city here has put in place the “No Bottled Water” Policy like Bundanoon, NSW but we can do our part too – here are some comprehensive tips to make sure you remember to avoid buying Bottled Water!

  • If you are not a fan of the taste of water on it’s own (yes, some people actually do not enjoy the taste of water) you can easily add a couple of slices of lemon or orange to the bottom of the glass, muddle them with the back of a spoon and add some chilled water and ice cubes. It will add a tasty and healthy zest to make the water more palatable.
  • Another idea if you are buying bottled fruit juice, we all know how expensive this option is, to make it last longer and to also reduce the sugar is to dilute each glass. Add 1/3 of fruit juice and fill the rest of the glass with water. Again you will be drinking more and more water with this technique and you will also increase the amount of juice you have. Most fruit juices are very high in apple juice which is great watered down and this is also a great tip if you wish to give your children a tasty treat instead of water alone.
  • If you are not a fan of the flavour of your tap water as the pipes in your home have added a distinct taste, simply boil the water and then store in the fridge in a reusable glass jug. This will remove some of the taste and impurities and chilled water is extraordinarily refreshing on both a hot and cold day.
  • If children do not like to drink water from the tap, try chilling glasses in the fridge and making up some ice cube trays with water and fruit juice or pieces of fruit (such as blueberries, raspberries, orange sections etc) combination. This way, they can have a fun chilled glass with colourful ice cubes which will make drinking water more fun than soft drink or bottled water.
  • Make an investment in refillable travel water bottles. Many companies now sell reusable plastic or aluminium drink bottles in a wide range of colours and styles to suit the kids and all family members. These can be filled with water from the tap and stored in the fridge ready for any outing.
    Klean Kanteen is made of stainless steel and this great brand of bottle comes in a huge range of shapes, colours and caps available. They can be purchased online or they have a list of international dealers on their site. The colours are fantastic and I love the pink Breat Cancer Support colours!
    Sigg Bottles are a great and very durable bottle made from aluminium and they are well known to last 10 – 20 years!
  • Using a tap filter in the home will also increase you drinking tap water instead of buying bottled water.  The filters usually fit onto your tap in the kitchen and may also come with a filter water jug for the fridge. There are many options for this kind from buying at stores or even on eBay.
  • If you have the money and the desire you can purchase a Ovopur’s Ceramic Water Filter.
    Up to 11 liters of tap water is filtered and revitalized with the reusable, multilayer Aquacristal filter cartridge, which removes chemicals and organic pollutants. The Results? Delicious! And the ceramic vessel looks irresistible, too.
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  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. Great tips! The film industry alone could clean up the water bottle problem. Eco-Consultants help to grow the green movement by teaching people how to save money in their homes, purchase more sustainable products, keep their families healthy and away from toxins. You can learn exactly how to become an ECo-Consultant with Eco Institution’s online curriculum.

  3. Water filters (esp ones like the large ceramic filters) while often making water ‘taste’ better
    don’t actually do as much as we’d think (or hope). They can’t filter out anything ‘in solution’
    and therefore most chemicals get through them without blinking. Even reverse osmosis
    doesn’t remove everything! We have a big ceramic water filter at home and I love it, but only
    really because it improves the taste and removes most particles ‘in suspension’. That being
    said, the moment I walk outside, my first breath of city air is going to give me more particulates
    than the average glass of tap water would. So I’m not really benefiting an awful lot.

    If I ‘wanted’ to drink the best possible water, then I’d have to buy the best, most ethical spring
    water I could find (unless I lived next to a spring). Which sadly means – bottles. And I HATE
    the idea of buying water in bottles!

    So, are filters a scam? ‘Technically’ no. But sort of ‘yes’. They serve a purpose.
    Just not the purpose we think.

    All the best,

    • Hi Matt,

      I agree that water filters do not “filter” the impurities out of the water, lucky we live in Australia where the majority of our water is clean and safe to drink. I have never had a problem with the taste of water from the taps in my house, but when I visit people who have a ceramic water filter I just have to drink some! I LOVE drinking that water; the taste is cleaner and usually the ceramic filters keep the water at a very nice temperature too!

      I might have to invest in one now!