December 29, 2016

How to green your childrens wardrobe

Managing a child’s wardrobe can be quite an effort sometimes, and if you have more than one child – whoa, then it becomes a big job!

There are a few ways to manage a child’s wardrobe while still being green and frugal (yay!).

Shopping Tips

Keep a list in your purse in a notebook of what your child has in their wardrobe and what you need now and for the next season.

You can pull out the notebook when you are in an op-shop, market, when someone has some clothes to give away, or when you are driving and see a garage sale.

You never know what you will get at those places but being prepared and knowing what you need will save you time and headaches!

If you prefer to work via the cloud, you could keep notes in Evernote App on your iPhone or smart phone.

Also keeping the information in your email or an easily accessible document in a program such as Evernote, allows you to send off your list to friends and family if they are looking for birthday and Christmas gifts for the kids.

Online Pre-loved Clothing Stores

If you don’t have access to op-shops or the ones near your home just don’t have what you need, you should try shopping online for pre-loved clothes.

There is of course ebay shopping, that we all know and use (I tend to go through phases of loving eBay, then hating it!) but there are other sites that are slowly growing in size.

Check out:

2nd Life: “Quality second hand clothing for babies and kids”

Preloved Kidswear: “The home of quality kids clothes, both preloved and new with tags, that anyone can afford.”

Charlipop Kids: “The Preloved store presents a fabulous range of gently worn and even new garments with a high number of designer brands represented.”

A few others

Altering Clothing

This is an old trick that many mothers before us have used… it is ALTERING! This is going to be your best friend if you have more than one child.

Pajamas, and winter clothing can be altered in size by simply adding some contrasting fabric to the sleeves or on the bottom hem. Girls dresses and skirts can be lengthened easily this way. This will extend the life of the piece of clothing for at least one more year!

A lot of clothing such as pants, skirts, dresses, and shorts can be purchased one size too big and you simply take them up and then change the hems as your children grow. My childhood school uniform was 2 times too big and my mother would adjust the hems each year as I grew.

What do you do with your children? Are you a re-hemmer or add fabric?

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  1. Great post… we op shop/ markets & eBay for alot of things, but also try to make do with clothes from year to year, instead of buying a whole new season’s worth of clothes! I prefer to buy fewer, but better quality clothes for them, and look on Made It, or local handmade markets and shops. When I find time, I love to sew for my kids and try using reclaimed fabric when I can.

    • I love websites where people make clothes for their children! Especially if you are able to buy clothes cheaply and alter to make cute new tops or pants.
      I saw an awesome DIY site showing how cut up a pajama top and make them into cute pants using the arms.
      Now I just have hone my sewing skills or at the very least GET some sewing skills!!!

  2. i totally agree we need to do more things to encourage greener clothing. is a bamboo baby clothing company that is dedicated to sending that message out there that we can go green clothes and still look good. bamboo is not only beneficial for the skin but is also much more eco friendlier than cotton. it is also biodegradable once you are finished with it.

    • oh the Essentials Bamboo Newborn gift pack is cute! I agree that bamboo is a great fabric available and every time I have fel the fabric I have been very impressed!

  3. This is very encouraging to see that people are taking the recycling thing just that bit further and making it a behavior they fits in everyday life. If we are to really embrace green living we sure do have to change our living behaviors.

    • It may seem like big changes for some families but change is a good thing!

      If you feel time poor and stressed and rushed, then making changes will just not happen. If you are feeling stressed, try to calm down and slow your life down. Give yourself a break and just find small ways to make changes, just the small steps will get you started. But we can never make changes if everyone is stressed and have way too much on their plate (figuritively speaking!)